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We create value to our customers globally

We deliver renewable and responsible solutions and innovate for a future beyond fossils.

We offer a wide range of sustainable and safe products for everyday use. Products are made of renewable and biodegradable materials and are recyclable. Have a look at our offering!


Global functions

Value adding, efficient and responsible Global Functions are an important part of UPM. Global functions bring professional view from their areas of expertise, enabling the businesses to succeed while navigating the complex operating environment. Read more about our biggest global functions below. In addition to the functions presented here we also employ professionals in e.g. legal, strategy, and internal audit teams.


On the right path

Wood fibres, molecules, residues and side streams are the building blocks of the future. We develop thinner and lighter materials and reuse or recycle residues and side streams. We constantly challenge ourselves by expanding into new end-use areas. We believe in a future beyond fossils.

Global megatrends are driving demand for sustainable and safe products

The right direction is found in the forest. Renewable wood and recyclable products reduce the world’s dependency on fossil-based and other non-renewable raw materials. Our entire business is based on sustainable forestry. We plant 100 tree seedlings every single minute. Forests clean the water, purify the air and act as carbon sinks.


Wood products

Most of wood products are used in construction. UPM’s wood products, such as plywood and sawn timber, are also used in furniture and parquet, packaging, vehicle floors and as insulation in liquefied natural gas tankers. Wood products offer a solution that is technically advanced, healthy, safe and mitigates climate change.

Fibre products

We respond to consumer demand growth with sustainable and safe products. We can replace non-renewable raw materials with sustainably produced pulp products used in packaging, hygiene, tissue and graphic papers. Renewable wood fibre is the raw material also in specialty packaging materials, labelling materials and biocomposite products.

Biomolecule products

We are an excellent position for the attractive biomolecules opportunities. The fuels and chemicals markets are huge and growing supported by increasing demand for sustainable alternatives. Biofuels and biochemicals represent new growth opportunities beyond current product portfolio. UPM has great advantages in developing biomolecule businesses: competitive forest industry platform, sustainable feedstocks and land use, biomass processing technologies as well as IPR.


Future beyond fossils


Make an impact on tomorrow