We create value to our customers globally

We deliver renewable and responsible solutions and innovate for a future beyond fossils.

We offer a wide range of sustainable and safe products for everyday use. Products are made of renewable and biodegradable materials and are recyclable. Have a look at our offering!


Global functions

Value adding, efficient and responsible Global Functions are an important part of UPM. Global functions bring professional view from their areas of expertise, enabling the businesses to succeed while navigating the complex operating environment. Read more about our biggest global functions below. In addition to the functions presented here we also employ professionals in e.g. legal, strategy, and internal audit teams.


From forests to sustainable products

Our business is based on forests: We grow and harvest forests to create renewable and recyclable materials and products. Innovations that offer alternatives to fossil-based materials are at the core of our Biofore strategy.

Global megatrends drive demand

Global consumer demand is strongly influenced by the needs of the growing middle class. At the same time, it is essential to address the challenges posed by climate change and resource scarcity. With our versatile product portfolio, we are well positioned to meet the growth in consumer demand as well as to enable sustainable choices for our customers and consumers.



Make an impact on tomorrow