UPM Biofuels

UPM Biofuels produces innovative, advanced biofuels for transport and for petrochemicals use. UPM BioVerno diesel and naphtha are sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels.


We are committed to helping our customers fight climate change with our advanced biofuels. UPM’s biofuels are frontrunners in quality, usability and sustainability. They will significantly decrease the greenhouse gas and tail pipe emissions compared to fossil fuels.

Advanced biofuels are a fast track solution for reducing transport emissions. Our sustainable raw materials and low emission products are globally uniquely sustainability certified.

Learn more about the world's first biorefinery of a kind

UPM has invested EUR 179 million in the world’s first biorefinery producing wood-based renewable diesel and naphtha called UPM BioVerno. The UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery produces UPM BioVerno diesel and naphtha from crude tall oil, a residue of UPM’s own pulp production.

The commercial production of UPM BioVerno diesel and naphtha started in January 2015 in Lappeenranta, Finland. The annual capacity is 120 million litres of advanced, renewable biofuels. The biorefinery is based on UPM’s own innovations and it employs 75 people directly and 150 people indirectly.


What makes us strong

  • Advanced renewable diesel and naphtha
  • Innovative business with vast growth potential
  • Competitive and sustainable non-food feedstock
  • Enhancing a sustainable future with less dependence on fossil fuels
  • Tested and proven product for all diesel engines
  • Significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and tailpipe emissions
  • Strong R&D
  • Responsible operations
  • Infrastructure synergies
  • Sustainability leader in biofuel solutions in Europe
  • Certified with international sustainability standards ISCC and RSB
  • Intellectual property rights


UPM Biofuels value creation 2018

UPM Biofuels in figures

179 MEUR
Annual production capacity of
130,000 tonnes of renewable diesel and naphtha
over 100

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