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Value from responsibility

Responsible business conduct is a solid foundation for long-term value creation. Thanks to our global capabilities, innovativeness and strong position in the forest biomass sourcing, we are in a unique position to advance circular economy and to take the world towards a future beyond fossils.

Our Biofore strategy responds to megatrends that shake the future of the whole globe

+2 billion middle-class consumers who move to cities and expect higher living standards set the bar high for the industries who provide products and services. All this can happen unconditionally by responsible use of natural resources and by conducting business responsibly.

The Biofore strategy is our response. It motivates us to achieve our challenging 2030 responsibility targets which at the same time contribute to many of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN Global Compact. As a longstanding member of Global Compact initiative and also as a Global Compact LEAD company since 2016 we comply with the United Nations ten universal principles regarding human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

Sustainability is the only solid foundation for long term value creation

We are challenged by ever increasing resource scarcity, climate change, tightening regulation and requirements by conscious consumers. We all share the same thinking; sustainability is the only solid foundation to build business on. 

In 2020 we strongly focus on promoting our ambitious climate agenda and the climate-positive forestry as an important part of it. We also focus on supporting the UN Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals through our responsible operations and sustainable and safe solutions. 



Our business is based on the continuous growth of forests and the long-term availability of wood. A sustainable use of forests enables us to continue to create new sustainable products and solutions. This also guarantees the benefits that forests provide to the climate, environment, and society, for generations to come.


Climate actions

We strive to mitigate climate change and drive long-term value creation through climate-positive forestry, innovating novel products, and reducing our CO2 emissions by 65%.



Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

As a UN Global Compact LEAD company we are strongly committed to support the UN Global Compact SDGs. Out of the 17 goals we have identified the SDGs and respective targets where we can have the biggest positive impact through our operation, products and solutions, or where we aim to minimise our negative impact.



Our achievements

Of total process waste recycled or recovered
Employee engagement index favourable
Of sales eligible for ecolabelling
Share of certified wood

Our commitments by 2030

Solid waste to landfill
1.5 °C
Limiting global temperature rise
Reduction of CO2 emissions
Absenteeism rate in all organisations

Covid-19 support for local communities


We walk the talk

Our Aiming Higher culture ensures that we embrace the full potential of responsibility in our everyday operations. Walking the talk energises us. Get your share of this energy through these examples.


UPM recognised as UN Global Compact LEAD Participant for its sustainability work


UPM commits to UN Business Ambition for 1.5°C to mitigate climate change


CDP recognises UPM with an exceptional AAA leadership position for its environmental performance


Contact us: responsibility@upm.com


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