UPM Pulp serves the global market with a comprehensive assortment of sustainably produced eucalyptus, birch and softwood pulp grades for a wide range of end uses such as tissue, specialty papers, graphic papers, board and packaging.​

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Our supplier reliability is based on our modern and efficient mills in Uruguay and Finland, dynamic sales force, local technical support and service, and long-term logistics partners.

For over 100 years we have been in the forefront of development continuously pushing for new ideas. All this gathered in-house experience is at our customers’ disposal when finding the most suitable pulp for your products.

Our modern pulp mills are also an invaluable source of wood-based, renewable energy as well as by-products and residues, which are used for innovative bio-products.

UPM Pulp is part of the UPM Fibres Business Area, which combines integrated production of pulp, wood sourcing and forestry as well as sawn timber. We combine world class production with the industry’s most comprehensive product range of hardwood and softwood pulps.


What makes us your perfect partner

  • Responsible and competitive sourcing
  • Modern and efficient pulp mills in Finland and Uruguay
  • Reliable pulp deliveries
  • Multi-fibre pulp product offering
  • World-class technical service close to customer
  • Own sales and service network with global partners
  • Best-in-class sustainability offering


UPM Pulp and Timber value creation

UPM Pulp in figures

5 pulp mills
Pulp production capacity
5.8 million tonnes

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