Wood Sourcing and Forestry


All wood used in our products comes from sustainably managed forests and from legal sources. All our wood supplies are covered by a third-party verified chain of custody. We aim to use certified fibre to the highest possible degree and to promote a global increase in the use of certified wood. Today, 81% (2018) of the wood we use is certified.


All of UPM’s forests and eucalyptus plantations are certified under the FSC® and/or PEFC™ certification schemes. In addition, UPM has an FSC® and PEFC™ Group Certificate in Finland, both of which are open to private forest owners.

In January 2019 the CDP Forest Program recognised UPM as a global leader on the 2018 Forest A List for timber and timber-based products. The CDP’s report examines steps taken by companies to protect their supply chains and bottom lines against deforestation risks. Read more about the CDP Programme.  

Requirements for wood suppliers

Forest certification rules