Coronavirus prevention at UPM sites

UPM has taken steps to protect its own and its business partners' personnel from coronavirus while working at UPM's locations.

Priority is always given to the official regulations in force - especially travel restrictions and quarantine and/or self-isoltation instructions.

The following precautions and policies are in place at all UPM locations, and apply to all subcontractors and their personnel at the sites:

  • Contractors and visitors are required to fill out a coronavirus self-decalaration form prior to entering UPM premises, and keep the form available for insepection through out the visit
  • Arriving at the workplace while ill is prohibited
  • If a worker falls ill during the working day, he / she should leave home immediately and contact healthcare professionals if necessary
  • Personnel should maintain good hand hygiene
  • Please refrain from shaking hands at the workplace and maintain a safe distance
    (2m / 6 ft) with other people

Suppliers' transport personnell and transport companies personnel (drivers) are exempt from the self-declaration procedure. Instead, they must comply with the following guidelines in addition to general instructions while delivering or caliming load from UPM site:

  • Drivers who have been to other countries within the last 14 days, can only deliver or claim a load from a UPM site if they are in good health
  • Drivers should minimize interactions with other people while in the UPM area and stay primarily in the vehicle during unloading and loading

There may also be unit-specific exemption arrangements to normal operations and moving within the area at various locations, which must be clarified before entering the site.