UPM as a partner

We are a reliable, future-oriented business partner with high expectations and clear requirements for our suppliers.

Globally, we have roughly 20,000 b2b material and service suppliers. Our main sourcing categories are fibre, raw materials, energy, indirect materials and services, and logistics. We  work together with our suppliers to enhance our competitiveness through cost leadership, innovation, continuous development and proactive risk management.

In February 2022 we received a Supplier Engagement Leader position in CDP’s Supplier Engagement Rating. The rating shows how effectively companies are engaging their suppliers on climate change. Only the top 8% of companies who disclosed to the full climate questionnaire received this recognition.  

UPM's external purchases

Raw materials
Indirect materials and services
  • An effective supply chain guarantees our competitiveness and the availability of commodities required for production in all market situations.
  • We are a reliable and future-oriented partner and we set clear requirements and expectations for our suppliers
  • We generate value and ensure competitiveness together with our suppliers

  • Cost leadership, innovation, continuous development and proactive risk management
  • We focus on long-term, co-operative relationships and promote methods for responsible sourcing
  • We continuously monitor our suppliers’ performance and develop processes together with our key suppliers
  • Having responsible practices in the supply chain creates long-term value for UPM and stakeholders
  • The UPM Supplier and Third Party Code sets transparent requirements for the entire supply chain
  • Focus on 2030 responsibility targets

Where we operate

We manufacture our sustainable and innovative products in 12 countries. Open interactive map to read more about our production sites.