UPM is digitalizing procurement processes by creating a collaborative ecosystem with its suppliers. Processes, such as tendering, contracting, demand planning and purchase transactions, will be simplified and automated by implementing the SAP Business Network solution.


We are excited to invite you on this journey towards a future with efficient and easy collaboration which adds value for both UPM and its suppliers. In the future, transactions will be done through SAP Business Network which will be the standard way of doing business with UPM.

UPM will be inviting suppliers to join SAP Business Network in phases during 2020-2025. We will send you a Project Notification Letter (link to sample PNL) when it’s time to start the onboarding.

Benefits of the SAP Business Network

  • Receive purchase order (PO) notifications and submit order confirmations

  • Set up catalogs for your products and services

  • Reduce your administrative business expenses

  • Get online visibility to your transactions with UPM

  • Participate in tendering (RFx) events and contract negotiations

  • Support UPM’s strategic business plan

SAP Business Network is the world’s largest B2B network with over 4 million trading partners and 26 million users. Many of your other customers might be using it already. Once you are in the network you can use the same account for all of your transactions with different customers.


Support and Instructions

UPM communications and instructions for Suppliers

Here you can find examples of material we are using when communicating with our suppliers about the transition. You can always contact us at join.ariba@upm.com.

UPM videos for suppliers


SAP Business Network instructions

The Help Center is available whenever you visit or log in to SAP Business Network. Frequently asked questions, support documentation, and more information about the task you’re performing are presented in a concise, easy-to-understand format.

SAP Business Network Help Center

SAP Business Network

SAP Business Network has an extensive set of video tutorials to provide more detailed information about different transactions and functionalities that are available for the suppliers. Below is a collection of interesting videos. To access all the videos, please visit the SAP Business Network learning center. Log in required.


Registration & Qualification (For all UPM suppliers)

We will invite all our suppliers to complete the UPM Supplier Registration Form in SAP Business Network. The invitations will be sent in phases during 2020-2022.

In the registration you provide and update your basic organizational information. It is your responsibility to keep the information up-to-date. This ensures your company profile and contact data is correct across UPM.

In the registration process, we ask you to commit to the UPM Supplier and Third Party Code which sets the minimum requirements for our suppliers on social and environmental responsibility.

UPM Supplier and Third Party Code

Depending on what products and services you provide and depending on your geographical presence, you will likely be asked to provide additional information as part of the registration and qualification process. This can include information on certificates that you have, or compliance to different regulations and standards.

How to start transacting through SAP Business Network

There are two different types of accounts available for the suppliers in SAP Business Network

We will propose the most suitable option depending on the annual transaction volumes, but you will eventually make the decision.

The process will take between 4-24 weeks depending on the account type, document types, and if catalogues or ERP integration is in the scope. If you choose to manage the transactions in the SAP Business Network web portal, the technical requirements are very basic. If you decide to integrate your own ERP system to SAP Business Network, more resources and knowledge are needed.

Standard account

UPM will propose standard account for most its suppliers.

Standard account provides you a simple way to receive purchase orders, confirm them, send advance ship notices and flip the orders to invoices electronically. More information about standard account can be found from here.

Once you have completed the UPM supplier registration process, we will provide you instructions on how to get started with your SAP Business Network account, and when we will start sending the Purchase Orders for you through the Network.

Standard account is always free, no matter with whom you are transacting or how many transactions you are doing.

Standard account is very easy to take into use. No new investment in IT is required, it is enough if you have an internet connection and e-mail address.

If you want access to more functionalities you can always upgrade to Enterprise account, just let us know. Thanks to a special agreement between SAP Business Network and UPM, the usage of an Enterprise Account will be free of charge for your relationship & transactions with UPM.

We will send you a Project Notification Letter (PNL) once it is time to get started. UPM will make guides available for you, and you can always contact our experts at join.ariba@upm.com. You will also have access to SAP Business Network Support via online help center.

Enterprise account

UPM will propose the enterprise account as the most suitable option for all the suppliers with whom we are doing more than 100 transactions annually.

Compared to Standard account, Enterprise account has additional features like:

  • Get and manage purchase orders, order confirmations and invoices on SAP Business Network online dashboard
  • Get reports to track transactions and sales activities
  • Assigned SAP Business Network Supplier Onboarding Specialist who will guide you through the account creation, setup and configuration
  • More extensive access to SAP Business Network Support

Enterprise account is required prerequisite if you would like to set up a catalog or integrate your own ERP system to SAP Business Network. Integrations should be considered when you are having more than 300 transactions with us annually.

Like Standard account, the Enterprise account is very user-friendly. No new investment in IT is required. It is enough if you have an internet connection and an e-mail address. However, if you choose to build the integration to SAP Business Network, more resources and knowledge are needed.

Enterprise account is free of charge when transacting with UPM. Fees may apply when transacting with your other customers.

We will send you a Project Notification Letter (PNL) once it’s time to get started. As a first step, you will be asked to complete the UPM Supplier Registration Form in SAP Business Network.  After you have completed the registration, we will invite you to a webinar where, together with SAP Business Network experts, we will go through the enablement process in detail. After the webinar, SAP Business Network experts will be directly in touch with you and they will help you to get started. After the commonly agreed go-live, we will send you the first purchase order through SAP Business Network. 


UPM aims to increase the share purchases done from catalogues. You might be requested by UPM to create a catalog for your offerings.

Once you have a catalog in SAP Business Network, you can easily update product information, which means more accurate purchase orders. You can also control the details and specifications that UPM buyers see about your products.

Please see the overview presentation of the catalog solution in UPM here.

SAP Business Network offers flexible catalog management options for creating and maintaining the catalog:

  • Static catalogs – Use a Microsoft Excel template to enter product and price information. Here you can find the guide how to fill in the static catalog template together with recording.
  • SAP Business Network PunchOut catalogs – A consumer-like shopping experience that lets customers select purchases from a customized, shopping cart-enabled website. SAP Business Network PunchOut acts as a connector that bridges your e-commerce domain with the SAP Business Networkinterface.
  • SAP Business Network Level II PunchOut – By providing advanced search capabilities to show richer and more specific content on SAP Business Network, Level II PunchOut can help you boost business visibility, attract more customers, and drive up sales.

Sourcing and Contracting in SAP Ariba solution

Tendering (RFx)

In the future UPM will organize sourcing events in SAP Business Network. Once registered, you will be able to participate.

The system provides a common area for all on-going tenders and inquiries. Here you will get an overview of the business opportunities your company is invited for.


SAP Business Network provides standard processes for drafting and establishing contracts with UPM. You can sign the contract electronically.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Digital Sourcing Ecosystem (DSE) Wave 2 project is digitalizing and automating processes and supplier transactions in direct material sourcing and procurement. In the project we are designing and implementing a harmonized process and a shared operating model. At the same time, we are strengthening and building more proactive collaboration with suppliers.

The project introduces Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC) module as a new tool and drives for SAP Business Network to become the main channel for the transactions.

DSE Wave 2 moves us forward towards the objectives of becoming the preferred customer to our suppliers, gaining operational efficiency and having standardized processes and system integrations to support the future success. By digitalizing and automating the processes and transactions with suppliers, we will add value and bring business benefits for both UPM and the suppliers.

Here you can find process maps and guides about processes in Supply Chain Collaboration.

Process map:

Detailed process guides:

If you need support, please contact us at join.ariba@upm.com