No biodiversity, no future Beyond Fossils.

Biodiversity refers to the diversity and variation of species and ecosystems on our planet. According to the UN, this diversity is deteriorating more rapidly than ever: because of human activity, a quarter of all plant and animal species are now threatened with extinction. The twin global crises of climate change and biodiversity loss challenge us to shift our mindset: from extraction to regeneration. Only by safeguarding robust and diverse forest ecosystems can we provide sustainable solutions to replace fossil-based materials. Simply put: no biodiversity, no future Beyond Fossils.


Committed to biodiversity

Biodiversity is instrumental to maintaining healthy forest growth and ensuring the vitality of our business. That is why we are committed to climate-positive forestry and promoting biodiversity in all our operations.

We safeguard biodiversity in our own forests through the implementation of our biodiversity program. The program was established in 1998 with environmental guidelines concerning operational activities, forest conservation and collaboration projects with stakeholders. In line with the program, we have carried out numerous business and biodiversity projects.

In 2018, we introduced our new commitment with a goal of net positive impact on biodiversity in three key areas: forest management, conservation, and projects & collaboration. To enforce our commitment, we have linked the pricing mechanism of our financing to long-term biodiversity and climate targets.

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In our operations, the most significant effects on biodiversity occur in sourcing wood for renewable alternatives to fossil-based materials. That is why we are committed to sustainable forestry, which produces high-quality wood, maintains and enhances biodiversity and water protection, and protects the recreational use of forests.

In our plantations in Uruguay, all valuable biodiversity hotspots and native species are protected. We do not convert natural forests into plantations. Instead Uruguayan plantations grow on grasslands formerly used for cattle grazing.

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The UPM biodiversity program was established in
The UPM target of Net Positive Impact on biodiversity was set in


Biodiversity indicators measure our progress

Our biodiversity action is divided into three categories: forest management, conservation and projects and collaboration. In each category, progress is monitored through carefully selected biodiversity indicators. These indicators reveal changes in forest structures and allow us to examine our impact. New indicators are developed in co-operation with research institutes and other stakeholders.


*Due to availability of more accurate data calculations were refined for 2021. Results for 2020 and 2019 are restated.

**Total restriction area decreased from 2020 due to the changes in external land use plan restrictions, however, strictly protected areas increased by 9% from 2020.

***Due to refined calculation method, 2021 figure is not anymore comparable with 2019 or 2020 results.



In Uruguay, we have identified three key indicators to measure our impact on biodiversity:

Developing the nature conservation area network
Maintaining and enhancing endemic and threatened species populations in conservation areas
Controlling and decreasing invasion of exotic woody species populations in conservation areas

To achieve our long-term biodiversity targets, we plan to increase the amount of area protected under defined conservation categories and continue with our long-term monitoring program. This conservation work is being carried out in cooperation with local environmental organizations such as Vida Silvestre and Aves Uruguay.

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