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3D printed furniture from UPM biocomposite at Habitare Fair

In summer 2019 we were commissioned to design a 3D printable furniture made from biocomposite. We had previously been familiar with the material at business meetings, and the 3D printing manufacturing we have been testing in our studies. Furniture concepts were used to measure students' creativity and knowledge of materials.

So, when we stayed at the end of May, we knew what to do. Ideas and design. Sketch and ponder. Create something new - from wood-based materials. The topic was really meaningful!

After the holiday, exciting times took place when the Institute of Design and UPM told us which prototypes had been selected for further work. This time our prototypes was chosen from many good proposals!

A coffee table ”Milla”

“The table called “Milla” is inspired by classic 1960´s style. It is a hybrid design that combines the classic carpentry construction with a new 3D technology printing with biocomposite material. My design process started from sketches and from idea, what kind of functionalities a good coffee table needs, says the designer, Carolina Mac-Iver.

UPM para imprimir.jpg

The table part can have multi-purpose functions, for example storaging magazines or other smaller items inside the table. Design allows to have larger “family” of similar products, for example chairs or smaller tables.

A futuristic ”Aava”

The S-shaped living room table is formed out of one continuous organic shape that resemble ocean waves. Despite of the statuesque form it still maintains its functionality, making it comfortable to use, says designer Alarik Saarinen.


The futuristic table consists of a constant S-shape which is from material and manufacturing point of views challenging to produce. The UPM Formi 3D material made it possible.

UPM Formi 3D

UPM Formi 3D is a functional biobased fibre material which has significantly smaller foot print compared to fossil and oil-based materials.


3D printable biocomposite opens new possibilities for wood industry in various end use applications, such as furniture.

Habitare Fair

The tables will be open to the public for the first time at the Habitare Fair in the Helsinki Fair Center in mid-September.

The Finnish Ministry of the Environment's exhibition stand (Ahead 6k 18) will showcase Finnish wood and Finnish art from different decades throughout the Habitare Fair from 11 to 15 September. UPM Biocomposites and Lahti University of Applied Sciences are performing together at the booth by Ministry of the Environment.

See you at the fair!


Text and designers:

Carolina Mac-Iver

Alarik Saarinen

Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design

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