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Spring 2019 Forest Quiz live blog!

Aino Saarelainen

UPM, Summer Worker

Welcome to spring 2019 Forest Quiz live blog!

The Forest Quiz “Metsävisa” is a competition where forest knowledge is power! The 38th annual competition is organized by Finnish Forest Association and the Association of Biology and Geography teachers BMOL ry for secondary school students aged 14-15 years. Since 1982, the competition has increased students’ knowledge and understanding of the ecological, economical and social implications of forests.

UPM is one of Forest Quiz competition’s partners. In addition to having a checkpoint for the youngsters during the competition, this year UPM hosts the finale award ceremony at Biofore House.

The finale of Forest Quiz competition takes place in Helsinki, where fifty top students and their biology teachers gather from all over Finland.


Follow our live blog to get real-time updates on the two finale days!


Day 2

15.02 The second finale day ends with coffee and cake. Thank you all who followed the Forest Quiz live blog!

14.50 The rest of the competitors all placed fifth. Congratulations to all finalists for a great performance in the Forest Quiz!

14.45 Here are the top three! First place goes to Niina Heikkinen from Sotkamo. Anastasia Parfenova from Kemijärvi and Otto Hertsi from Hollola hold second and third place, respectively.

Picture: Top three and minister Leppä in the midst of a photo shoot.

14.55 All finalists and award ceremony speakers in a group photo.

14.43 The fourth place is a tie between Silja Lauri from Rovaniemi, Kalle Heiskanen from Oulu, Heli Korkeamäki from Lahti, Janika Kyllönen from Petäjävesi, Elli Keronen and Mikko Väisänen from Espoo and Taru Ovaska from Helsinki.

14.41 Heikki Arponen, a representative of the Association of Biology and Geography Teacher’s BMOL ry, talks about the evolution of Forest Quiz in his speech. The size of the event, number of participants and the finale day test have all grown and changed during the 38 years. "Species recognition, carbon cycle, symbiosis and team work were a success for all - conservation of nature will look brighter because of those skills", Arponen states.

Heikki Arponen.jpeg

14.32 A round for applause for all the competitors, teachers, partners and organisers of Forest Quiz for all joint efforts.

14.28 Liisa Mäkijärvi from Finnish Forest Foundation thanks the competitors and their teachers in behalf of all the partners of Metsävisa.

Liisa Mäkijärvi.jpeg

14.25 Minister of agriculture and forestry Jari Leppä is gives a speach for the competitors. "Young people are the future. When we see you, we want to build a more sustainable future for people of Finland", Leppä states. Forest is a versatile muse: it strengthens people's well-being, brings solutions to climate change and offers ideas for future plans.

Jari Leppä.jpeg

14.19 UPM Forest’s SVP Sauli Brander welcomes everyone to the award ceremony. In addition, the guests hear a succinct presentation on UPM's and UPM Forest's current operations.

Sauli Brander.jpeg

14.13 Speaker Sirpa Kärkkäinen from Finnish Forest Association says the opening words of the event.

Sirpa Kärkkäinen.jpeg

14.05 The competitors have spent their morning at workshops organized by University of Helsinki and Häme University of Applied Sciences. Now they are arriving at Biofore House. Suspense and excitement are in the air. The award ceremony is about to start. Good luck to all of the finalists!



14.02 Welcome back to our live blog for the second finale day of Forest Quiz! Today us UPMers welcome the competitors, their teachers and the organisers of Forest Quiz to Biofore House for the award ceremony. We are currently adding the finishing touches to our restaurant Treat, where the ceremony takes place.

Day 1

15.42 All the rest of the groups have now reached the finish line and the competitors are now getting back into their hotel. Their evening activities include watching a forest documentary and bonding over workshops organized by their teachers. Us UPMers are also heading back to Helsinki after a successful day.


Thank you to all who followed day one of the Forest Quiz live blog! The updates continue tomorrow from the finale award ceremony in Biofore House at 14hrs.


15.32 Sara Lantto and Aino Aikio, who came to compete all the way from Oulu in Northern Finland, say that the competition was fun and relaxed. As scouts, they felt that going round the trail was easy. ”We didn’t necessarily study for the competition, but we learned to use the Forest Quiz app. It was very handy”, they comment. However, it seemed that Sara and Aino managed the check points very well even with little prior studying. ”I didn’t have to guess all the time, I actually knew many of the right answers”, Sara smiles.


15.11 The race has ended for the violet group. Now they have some down time to enjoy well deserved juice, coffee and other treats.


15.00 Competitors measuring the basal area of pines using relascopes at Stora Enso check point.


14.45 The contestants got a taste of birch sap at the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) checkpoint.


14.37 For the solo task, the youngsters need to know about the possible end uses of said birch trees. Which of these products can utilize birch as a raw material: a skateboard, a pier, a watch or a telephone pole. We’ll find out the correct answers tomorrow!

14.35 We start with the group task. The competing teams are given a 4-meter-long string to measure a circular sample plot of 50m2. Then the task is to count all birch stems in that area. Afterwards, the number of stems needs to be multiplied by 200 to get an estimate of the amount of birches on a hectare’s area (10 000 m2). Based on the estimate, the group answers to a multiple-choice question. This kind of sampling technique is used in thinning of the forest, where the goal is to strengthen the living conditions of the main species in that forest area. This way the chosen trees of the area can effectively grow into timber.


14.25 The violet group arrives at UPM’s checkpoint! Exciting times! The checkpoint is located at a young patch of the forest where young stand improvement has been done. UPM Forest summer workers Tiia Kuronen and Ville Wéman are ready to instruct the group on individual and group tasks. Here the youngsters will learn about thinning of a seeding stand or a forest as a form of forest management.


13.51 The clouds have temporarily shifted and the sun is shining. Now it’s easier for the competitors to identify the herbaceous plants growing in this patch.


13.25 At OP check point the violet team is examining the damages bark beetle can make to a spruce forest.



13.14 Here’s a great example of innovative minds! Metsähallitus, a Finnish governmental forest organisation, asks the students to come up with a forest related sustainability innovation. The sky is the limit here! New groundbreaking ideas include smart umbrellas made from biomaterials to protect garden plants, 3D printed biomedicine and teaching equality through biodiversity.

13.06 At the checkpoints, the youngsters have to recognise different species, make up new end uses for forest raw materials, try forest management and different professions in forestry, for example.

12.34 We are following the violet group through thirty checkpoints.

The race is on.jpg

12.24 The competitors answer the checkpoint questions through a Forest Quiz mobile application. Smartphones are loaded and ready to be taken to the forest trail.


12.22 The race is on! At the checkpoints, right answers count more than fast completion.

Violetti ryhma.jpg

12.21 The buses are here. We have arrived at the location of the competition. The youngsters are divided into six competing groups.

12.06 The check point keepers have arrived at Ruotsinkylä experimental forest! Now we only have to wait for the competitors.

10.40 After a tour of the central library and some lunch, the competitors and their teachers will take a short bus ride to a trail in Ruotsinkylä experimental forest in Tuusula, approximately 20 kilometers outside of Helsinki centre. Us UPMers will also begin our trip to Tuusula to prepare the checkpoint.
10.25 The competitors have traveled to the finale from all over Finland. Kirsi Joensuu from Finnish Forest Association gives a pep talk for the finalists. She reminds them that they are already winners, the students with the best forest knowledge in Finland. ”This is something you should definetly put to your CV”, Joensuu states.

10.00 Approximately one hundred people have gathered to Oodi central library auditorium, only a stone throw away from UPM’s Biofore House HQ. The first exciting day of the finale is about to begin. Hanna Pohjonen from Finnish National Agency for Education and Sirpa Kärkkäinen from Finnish Forest Association give the opening speech for the event.



Aino Saarelainen

Aino Saarelainen

UPM, Summer Worker |