Our people


The capabilities, integrity and drive of our people make us unique. We take responsibility for ensuring every UPMer has a safe and inclusive working environment, opportunities to grow, and inspiring and responsible leadership.


We are committed to enabling performance, engaging people and creating a safe working environment.  Diversity and inclusion, working conditions, learning and development as well as responsible leadership are in the focus of our work in social responsibility and our respect for people. We have also set ambitious targets to measure our performance and ensure our contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our targets for 2030 in social and employee-related matters focus on diversity and inclusion, working conditions, learning and development as well as responsible leadership.  As a part of our target setting, we have identified the Sustainable Development goals in which we can contribute most positively. Contributing to Good Health and Wellbeing and Decent Work and Economic Growth are at the core of our development work. 


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People and culture

Our people are what sets UPM apart and enables our success. UPMers are accountable and performance-oriented, outward-looking and agile. Our culture of Aiming Higher sets the tone of everything we do and encourages all UPMers to further develop— both as individuals and as a company. Our values - trust and be trusted, achieve together, and renew with courage – and our Code of Conduct guides us on the way.

Leadership and development

We promote continuous development of leadership capabilities as well as individual skills. To us, Aiming Higher means learning, growing, and enabling each other. We make it possible by providing inspiring, responsible leadership, motivation and support.



We value diversity and strive for an inclusive culture and working environment. We respect the privacy of our employees and promote equal opportunities and objectivity in employment and career development. All UPM employees are treated as individuals regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, or nationality, and we welcome the talent of people of various competences and backgrounds to our global team.

Working conditions

Ensuring decent working conditions and fair employment for all employees is our primary target and an integral part of the company values and work on developing our social responsibility. We are committed to promoting decent work and working conditions in our own operations and across our value chain.