UPM People and culture

Our people are what sets UPM apart and enables our success. UPMers are accountable and performance-oriented, outward-looking and agile. Our culture of Aiming Higher sets the tone of everything we do and encourages all UPMers to further develop— both as individuals and as a company. Our values - trust and be trusted, achieve together, and renew with courage – and our Code of Conduct guide us on the way.

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UPM values and culture of integrity

UPM strives to lead by example, in accordance with UPM’s values and with integrity. UPM’s values — trust and be trusted; achieve together; renew with courage — guide and support employees in their daily actions. Each UPM value has been created together with our employees.

We are committed to a culture of integrity and our leading principle is that we do not compromise our standards under any circumstances. The UPM Code of Conduct lays the foundation for responsible business operations and continuous improvement, and sets the standards for responsible behaviour towards stakeholders for each and every UPM employee.


Promoting a culture of aiming higher

Since culture is the cornerstone for good performance, we introduced a company-wide initiative for developing selected key mindsets which, together with our current strengths, will support UPM’s future success. These new aspirational mindsets were defined based on dialogue with employees and discussions in management teams. We seek to be more outward looking and experimental in everyday matters, agile in our implementation, as well as continuously build on people’s diversity. We Aim Higher together.


More transparency in social responsibility