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UPM Annual General Meeting 2018 liveblog

Saara Töyssy

16.15 The meeting is over. Time for some well-deserved coffee and chocolate and blackcurrant cake in good company!


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Jussi Pesonen UPM Global megatrends drive pulp demand UPM produces sustainable and safe solutions for everyday use

Kokoustamo moments before the meeting starts.

13.30 UPM business representatives are ready to answer any questions! UPM Formi 3D is one of the most interesting new products at the meeting. Looking at the innovations on display, we are staying profitable even in the future. Did you know that UPM filed for more than 300 patents in 2017? https://www.instagram.com/p/BhL-EPNlYct/?hl=fi&taken-by=upmbiofore

UPM Formi 3D

UPM Biocomposites has something very special to showcase! The new UPM 3D Formi printing products are designed especially for 3D printing. Eve Saarikoski has been a part of the development team.

Heikki Marttila from UPM Plywood showcases lignin-based WISA BioBond and other sustainable innovations answering to growing global consumer demand. In the new technology 50% of the fossil-based phenol has been replaced with lignin obtained as a by product of kraf pulp production. Read more about UPM's plywood products here.

VANISH™ is one of UPM Raflatac's latest innovations. Pasi Lehtonen and Jaana Aaltonen are happy to discuss Raflatac innovations with shareholders. Read more about the innovation here. And a story here.

UPM Responsibility

Responsibility is a huge part of everything we do. It covers the life cycle of our products from sourcing to disposal. Jarkko Hukkanen and Miia Härkönen work hard every day in making sure that the company does it’s absolute best when it comes to responsibility. Read all about it at upm.com.

Tarja Sammalkorpi from UPM Paper ENA presenting the products of the market leader in graphic paper production. More about the best in paper here.

UPM Biochemicals offers and develops innovative and sustainable wood-based biochemicals for a variety of uses.

Päivi Varvemaa and Pauliina Piri from UPM Biochemicals. UPM Biochemicals offers and develops innovative and sustainable wood-based biochemicals for a variety of uses. Learn more here.

13.00 There's plenty to see before the actual meeting starts! UPM’s responsibility programme Biofore Share and Care has four focus areas: reading & learning, engagement with communities, responsible water use and boosting bioinnovations. Last year UPM paired up with Lukukeskus in the Sanat Haltuun initiative that supported improving the literary skills of young people in Finland. This year the main partners are Save the Children, Baltic Sea Action Group and Biomedicum. A representative from each organisation present at the meeting! Go to our website to learn more. Biomedicum, Pelastakaa Lapset, Baltic Sea Action Group

"Researchers in Biomedicum are developing more effective and individualised cancer treatments with advanced cell models," says UPM's Lauri Paasonen (right). Together with UPM, Pelastakaa Lapset Ry supports second-grade education for children in low-income families. Baltic Sea Action Group and UPM aim to use only recyclable nutrients in UPM’s water treatment plants by the year 2030.

Pekka Anttila and Seppo Vesalainen from UPM Wood Sourcing and Forestry have the best tips for great springtime outings to the forest. UPM forest experts use snowshoes and skies while working in Finnish forests in wintertime!

The new UPM 3D Formi printing products combine the best characteristics of cellulose fibres and plastic. Light colours, a natural touch, fine details and good processability. Eve Saarikoski presents.

Check out the results of UPM 3D Formi!


12.30 Is your place perhaps one of these?

Griffin giftbags

Giftbags await!

UPM Annnual General Meeting UPM'ers ready for action!

 12.00 Once again the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center is ready to welcome UPM shareholders. The doors will open at one o’clock and the meeting starts at two. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

An expert present for every occasion!

It's not a proper meeting without chocolate!

Ready to welcome shareholders.

12.00 IT'S HERE! Welcome to the blog.

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Saara Töyssy

Saara Töyssy