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UPM Annual General Meeting 2016 liveblog

8.4.2016 Some fresh photo updates from photographer Juha Rahkonen added. Enjoy!

16.06 The UPM Annual General Meeting 2016 has ended. Time for coffee and cake! A big thank you to the shareholders for attending or following us here and on Twitter and of courseto all UPM employees who participated in organizing the event.

Scroll from the bottom upwards to see the meeting from the beginning to the end.


It takes quick moves to serve coffee for a thousand people.


Coffee is needed after a two hour meeting.


Strawberry cake with Grand Marnier.


Employees going home with flowers.

upm 0416555lowres

Photo: Juha Rahkonen.

15.29 Responsibility is a source of competitive advantage and growth at UPM.

upm 0416444lowres

CEO Jussi Pesonen. UPM's different business areas have excellent synergy.

Photo: Juha Rahkonen.


15.06 Great improvements on health and safety at work at UPM.

Goes well with World Health Day.


upm 0416475lowres

The shareholders asked a lot of good questions after the speeches. Photo: Juha Rahkonen.

14.55 CEO Jussi Pesonen speaking now at the event. Focus on performance and growth.


upm 0416435lowres

CEO Jussi Pesonen. Good discussions with shareholders are an integral part of every AGM. Photo: Juha Rahkonen.

14.50 Follow us on Twitter for Annual General Meeting tweets. Like these!

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upm 0416504lowres

Attentive audience. Photo: Juha Rahkonen.

14.04 The UPM Annual General Meeting 2016 has started.

Chairman of the board Björn Wahlroos and CEO Jussi Pesonen

Chairman of the board Björn Wahlroos and CEO Jussi Pesonen discussing just before the meeting starts. Photo: Juha Rahkonen.

13.50 People pouring through the doors just before the meeting starts. A lot of media was also present.

The annual report is a popular item at the meeting.


Jyrki Ovaska. Executive Vice President, Technology, arriving to the meeting.

upm 0416193lowres

Into the spotlight. Photo: Juha Rahkonen.

Björn Wahlroos, Chairman of the Board at UPM-Kymmene, was welcomed by media.


The room filling up at 13.50.


The meeting is interpreted in English and in Swedish.

13:37 The doors are open and Messukeskus is buzzing with people. The meeting starts in just 30 minutes. Here are a few pictures from the lobby.


The lobby at Kokoustamo, Messukeskus.


Pirkko Harrela. Executive Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, discussing with shareholders before the meeting.


Any meeting is a great opportunity for good conversation.


UPM employees learning more about UPM products at the product display stand.


UPM Forestry and Wood Sourcing is developing fast to meet customer needs in the digital age. Tony Ahti presenting the new customer service chat at www.uusimetsanomistaja.fi.


Anneli Kunnas from UPM Biofuels ready to answer any questions regarding UPM BioVerno renewable diesel.

Sami Lundgren, Director of Environmental Intelligence at UPM, knows just about everything about responsible business and how to measure it.

 11:37 The staff info gave everyone a final boost in getting ready for the event. About a thousand shareholders are expected to arrive in just two hours. It's going to be a great day!


The photographer is very interested in our documents and timetable.

IMG_3806 Ready for the big event.

10:36 It's time to start the UPM Annual General Meeting liveblog! We'll keep you updated through the day. The staff is getting ready to receive our guests in Messukeskus Expo and Convention center in Helsinki. Just three hours till the shareholders arrive. See you soon!

The flowers decorating the AGM are given to the staff to take home after the event.


A product display stand will be manned at all times. Get to know all of our products at the lobby. We're happy to answer any questions.

Yes, there's chocolate in the lobby.

IMG_3731 Your seat is ready.


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