​Wood Sourcing and Forestry

We source wood raw material for sustainable and recyclable UPM products made at our mills in Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Russia, Uruguay and the USA.

We operate according to the principles of sustainable forestry and safeguarding the biological diversity in the forests is an essential part of our operations. We use certified wood always when possible and we promote the use of certified wood globally. We know the origin of the wood we use and all our wood supplies are covered by a third-party verified chain of custody.


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In addition to purchasing wood we take care of the growth and healthy development of the company forests and the private forests managed by our forest specialists. We offer also a wide range of high quality forestry services to private forest owners according to their needs. Our forestry expertise is based on the over hundred years of professional management of the company forests. UPM owns 775,000 hectares of certified forest in Finland and in the USA as well as 236,000 hectares of plantation forests in Uruguay. 

What makes us strong

  • we act responsibly
  • we have control of the wood supply chain and we know the origin of wood
  • we are experts in sustainable forestry
  • our professionals manage over one million hectares of privately owned forests
  • we have our own biodiversity programme to promote the biological diversity of forests

Wood Sourcing & Forestry in figures

Provides employment globally for

thousands of people

Sourcing wood from

10 countries

Supplies wood to UPM mills

26 million m³/a