Biofore Share and Care

UPM’s Biofore Share and Care programme reflects our commitment to building a sustainable, innovation-driven future by sharing our expertise and assets for causes we care about. Sponsorships and donations are one way we do that.​


Engaging with society through sponsorships and donations


Building and maintaining good relations with local communities close to our operations and supporting the vitality of these communities are essential for us and for our business success. Our societal engagement activities are clearly connected to our Biofore strategy and responsibility targets. 

  • We focus on initiatives that are future-oriented and support innovation and sustainable values or local vitality. 
  • We are committed to sharing our resources in areas where we create value.
  • We concentrate on programmes that are relevant to UPM’s business and responsibility goals.

The focus areas are: Reading & learning, engaging with communities, responsible water use and boosting bioinnovations. 
Commercial sponsorship is a target-oriented, long term activity that is clearly aligned with our business targets. Donations are non-profit support to charitable or other good causes. Our guidelines for sponsorships and donations are applied in all businesses.

UPM’s support can take different forms in different projects. It can be a cash contribution to support community projects, membership of community-related organisation or it can be donations of products or materials or employee volunteering or fundraising.

The guidelines below will be updated in 2016 to correspond the targets and content of the Biofore Share and Care programme.

Reading & Learning

We focus on projects that enhance reading skills and learning opportunities in regions where we operate. We also want to increase awareness of the importance of reading and continuous learning. We are concerned with literacy of young people.

Engagement with communities

The focus of the local sponsorship is concentrated on communities where UPM operates to support the vitality of UPM production locations. The activities are aimed primarily at ensuring the wellbeing of employees and the wellbeing of the surrounding community. In many programmes UPM has local partners such as SOS International, WWF, Birdlife and Vida Silvestre.

Responsible water use

With responsible water use we want to highlight the importance of the water resources and good water management all over the world. We focus on projects that improve the status of water resources and increase awareness of good water management to ensure high-quality water availability.

Boosting bioinnovations

UPM wants to create new business and products for long-term growth. UPM’s expertise in renewable and recyclable materials, low-emission energy and resource efficiency is the key to developing new, sustainable business opportunities with high added value. Currently our focus is to boost bioeconomy-related innovation and expertise to find new sustainable business opportunities.
JULY 1 2016

Campers innovate new products from UPM materials at the Roihu 2016 jamboree

The Roihu 2016 Finnjamboree is the largest youth event in Finland. Roihu collects together over 17,000 campers in the forests of Evo, near the town of Hämeenlinna

JUNE 15 2016

The Finnish Reading Centre will organise 100 literacy workshops to students of technical studies with UPM’s support

Fluent reading skills are required in all professions. The target of “Sanat haltuun” (Words matter) project, supported by UPM and organised by the Finnish Reading Centre, is to inspire students of technical vocational schools to read and improve their reading skills. In addition, UPM together with the Reading Centre want to develop operating models to improve students’ reading skills in the future. The aim is also to stimulate discussion and raise awareness on the reading skills of young students in vocational schools.