Innovating for the future

The demand for renewable materials increases as we search for alternatives to fossil-based raw materials. Research and development, bioeconomy innovations and new technologies expand our business portfolio.


Bioeconomy offers sustainable solutions to the challenges of global megatrends. We are developing innovative, high-quality products from wood-based biomass. Wood fibres, biomolecules, residues and side streams are becoming increasingly important raw materials of the future.


Climate-positive products

Our products offer solutions to mitigating climate change as they replace fossil raw materials with bio-based renewable alternatives. The products store carbon for the entire duration of their lifecycle, especially when recycled multiple times.

We are committed to a climate-positive product portfolio. Many of our products are already proven to be climate positive. In the future, we aim to scientifically verify the climate impacts of all our products. One example of our research related to climate change mitigation is renewable hydrogen.


Sustainable product development and
circular economy 

Our R&D activities are guided by our 2030 responsibility targets and integrate contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into product development. 

We are examining new ways to utilise sustainable fibre-based materials that are being developed for textiles, nonwovens, hygiene products and flexible packaging, for example. We develop new solutions in collaboration with our businesses, technology partners and customers. We see the residues and side streams as valuable raw materials and thus real business opportunities.



Solid patent portfolio 

The significance of the patents, trademarks and intellectual property rights protecting our innovations is more pronounced in our new businesses, supporting the journey from innovation to business. Licensing of innovations and technologies provides an excellent basis for value creation with customers and technology partners. 


nearly 3,000
patents and patent applications
nearly 1,400
trademarks globally

Global network of research centres


Innovation and R&D programmes are essential in the development of new products and technologies. Seamless collaboration with businesses, customers, value chain partners and research organisations such as universities, is essential. Our strategic research focuses on the development of our growth businesses.

UPM’s Biofore Base research centres in Lappeenranta in Finland, Changshu in China and Leuna in German are accelerating the development of new bio-based products and their launch to the markets. The research centres unite our various technologies with globally accumulated experience and expertise in the new and existing businesses.

The businesses also have their own research centres. UPM Raflatac’s research centres, located at four countries (Finland, Poland, China, USA), support the product range expansion of paper, film and special label products. UPM Plywood's product development laboratory is located in Lahti.

We develop the cultivation of tree seedlings and utilise forest breeding research at our nurseries in Finland and Uruguay. The importance of development work in nurseries is growing in regard to climate change, the development of wood production and the protection of biodiversity.


Extensive partner network 

Our close-knit global partner network is comprised of customers, universities, research organisations, suppliers and start-up companies. Collaboration speeds up the development and launch of new solutions, particularly for new businesses.

Our collaboration with partners include the following:


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