UPM Graduate Programme

Our next Graduate Programme's application time will be January - February 2019. More information on the 12 month programme will be available in December 2018.

Number of positions



Finland, France, Germany and Russia


12 months

Work assignments

3 in home country and 1 abroad

Starting time


UPM is a global forest and paper industry giant— but also an agile and innovation-driven bio product company focused on building a sustainable future for all of us. Biofore is our strategy and the driving force behind everything we do. In Biofore the bio and forest industries integrate to create new high quality alternatives to non-renewable materials. Profitably and responsibly. The Bioforce Graduate Programmes are a part of this movement. You can be a part of this movement.

Our story began with paper and to this day it is the cornerstone of our company and our biggest business. We are the market leader in graphic paper production and work hard in making sure that all our paper is sustainably sourced, manufactured and disposed of. Because of this we have been widely recognised for being good to the environment, the people and the society around us. The competence and drive of our people is what makes all of this possible.

 We want you to be the next chapter in our Biofore story!

If you are recently graduated or have worked for a couple of years, apply for the Bioforce Graduate Programme in paper production, maintenance and sales and start a rewarding career with us. There are eleven unique positions available in four different countries. Two in sales and nine in our paper mills' production and maintenance. 

The two sales positions offer a fast-paced, exciting, international working environment and the positions in the mills a unique opportunity to learn from the very best and become a world-class expert in papermaking. Believe us, there's a lot to learn! In both sales and mill positions we value an energetic, open attitude and a positive outlook. After the traineeship you will have a permanent home with us!

The positions are based in Germany, Finland, France and Russia. The two sales positions are located in Paris, France and Moscow, Russia and the nine production or maintenance positions at nine different UPM mills in Finland (Jämsä, Rauma, Valkeakoski), France (Chapelle) and Germany (Augsburg, Dörpen, Hürth, Plattling).

This could be the start of something big!

The candidates will apply directly for a specific role. All of the positions begin with a prep year in September 2018 after which the trainee will move on to a permanent position at UPM during 2019. After the first six months in the base location, the trainees work in one or two other positions for three months. One of the assignments will be in another country, if feasible.

The Bioforce Graduate Programme offers a bit more than your basic trainee programme. It includes face-to-face and virtual learning days to keep you well informed and up-to-date on all that is important. All participants will also have their own development plan and a personal mentor. Experienced and inspiring UPM manager mentors provide coaching for the trainees throughout the programme. Getting to know you is a great benefit to the mentor, and through them, to the whole company!

The programme offers unique work experience, opportunities for personal growth and an inspirational view on a truly global company – and most importantly, a whirlwind start to a career with many opportunities for future development.

Apply already!

We live by our values: trust and be trusted, achieve together, renew with courage. And we expect you to do so as well. Are you up to the challenge? We think so!

The programme is conducted in English, therefore good English skills are a prerequisite, in addition to the local language of the base position. The trainees also work as UPM employee advocates.

The UPM Bioforce Graduate Programme is a paid position.

Apply for the positions during 1 - 30 April 2018 .  The application time has been extended in France,  Russia until 31 May and  in Valkeakoski, Finland until 10 June.  These changes have an effect to the schedule below.

​Timeline​Recruitment process steps
​15 April - 5 May 2018​Preselection interviews (face-to-face or Skype)
​7 - 11 May 2018 ​Interviews in Germany and in France
​21 May - 3 June 2018​Interviews in Finland
​by 30 May 2018​Interviews in Russia
​by 10 June 2018​Final decisions and contacting candidates



Trainee, Paper Production

Jämsänkoski, Jämsä, Finland

Trainee, Paper Production

Kaipola, Jämsä, Finland

Trainee, Paper Production

Rauma, Finland

Trainee, Maintenance

Valkeakoski, Finland

Trainee (m/w), Elektrotechnik

Ausgburg, Germany

Trainee (m/w), Automatisierungstechnik

Dörpen, Germany

Trainee (m/w), Projekt Engineering

Hürth, Germany

Trainee (m/w), Papierproduktion

Plattling, Germany

Trainee (m/f), Production Engineer

Grand-Couronne (Rouen), France

Trainee (m/f), Sales Representative

Levallois-Perrer (Paris), France

Trainee (m/f), Sales Representative

Moscow, Russia


UPM Graduates Life: Sanna Uolamo
FEB 13 2018

UPM Graduates Life: Sanna Uolamo

It is an early morning in Wrocław, Poland. I am a Finnish Bioforce Graduate who moved here a couple of weeks ago for a UPM Raflatac traineeship module of four months. It is quite cold outside, but the Polish winter is still distinctly mild compared to a Finnish one.
Jukka Pohjonen
JAN 18 2018

UPM graduates life: changes on many levels

Since I started in the UPM Bioforce Graduate Trainee Programme, I have noticed one word popping out here and there in various contexts: change. People working at the mill level tend to say that the basic matters at a paper mill hardly change.
Jennifer Mönch
NOV 10 2017

UPM Graduates Life: Jennifer Mönch

When I first read the job advert as a “Sales Trainee, Pulp” I didn’t think about all the challenges and adventures which would follow. I applied and after a challenging application process I got the final call. Being selected from so many applicants was a really big honor.

​Listen to our people


For Justyna the best motivation comes from doing things for people she cares about – or competing with others.


To be able to learn and develop herself at work are the most important things for Maria.


When moving to the UK, Niko instantly felt at home.