Company vision and purpose

UPM’s vision and purpose guide our ambition and what kind of a company we are aiming to be.

Our vision

We lead the forest-based bioindustry into a sustainable, innovation-driven, and exciting future beyond fossils. The competence, integrity and drive of our people make us unique.

Our purpose

We create value by seizing the limitless potential of bioeconomy.


From fossils to bioeconomy

UPM is building a more sustainable future by replacing fossil-based, non-renewable materials with renewable alternatives from wood-based biomass, by using them efficiently and creating new products and services. Wood fibre, biomolecules, residues and side streams are becoming increasingly important as the raw materials of the future. Through bioeconomy innovation, we have an opportunity to expand into completely new business areas beyond fossil economy.




Megatrends drive the demand

UPM’s products provide sustainable solutions that meet the challenges and opportunities presented by global megatrends. While consumer demand grows, the need to replace non-renewable materials and products with renewable ones becomes increasingly important.


More sustainable choices

The demand for sustainably produced renewable materials and products increases as a result of responsible consumer choices and increasing regulation. Wood fibre, biomolecules, residues and side streams are the sustainable raw materials of a future where the world is no longer dependent on fossil-based materials. We use all raw materials efficiently and increase the recycling and reusing of materials.


More alternatives to fossil-based solutions

Mitigating climate change and reducing traffic emissions requires that fossil-based resources and fuels are replaced with high-quality renewable fuels.  Moreover, fossil-based plastic can be replaced with sustainable, renewable alternatives in many applications with our sustainable solutions.

More life through sustainable forestry

Sustainable forestry as a responsible land use solution secures wood production and safeguards biodiversity, the good status of water bodies and the benefits of forests for humans. It also increases carbon sinks. These are the foundations of a sustainable bioeconomy, and of our forestry practices everywhere.

More added value for society

Sustainable commercial forestry and forest industry create significant economic wellbeing, the positive impact of which can be seen in many ways across society. The forest industry is a significant source of tax revenue and in increasing the vitality of local communities.