UPM Biofore strategy - Beyond fossils


Our purpose is to create value by seizing the limitless potential of bioeconomy. It means numerous profitable business opportunities, which are providing safe and sustainable solutions for growing global consumer demand.


Spearheads for growth


Demand growth for our businesses is supported by global megatrends. We aim to invest in businesses that offer attractive long-term fundamentals for profitability and growth, as well as opportunities to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

In the coming years UPM seeks significant growth in high-value fibre, specialty packaging materials and molecular bioproducts. The key factors these three sprearheads have in common are significant growth potential and UPM's competitive advantage based on deep knowhow and high barrier to entry. Innovation is at the core of our strategy for future growth.


Strategic focus areas


Shareholder value at the core


Creating shareholder value is at the core of our strategy, and we believe this also benefits other stakeholders and society on the long term.

Generating strong cash flow

Strong cash flow enables focused growth investments, focused M&A, new business development as well as attractive dividends to our shareholders.

Industry leading balance sheet

Our industry-leading balance sheet mitigates risks and enables us to implement our growth projects.


Attractive dividend


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