Innovating for a future beyond fossils

Wood fibres, molecules, residues and side streams are the building blocks of the future. UPM has been using them for decades to produce renewable and responsible products. We develop thinner and lighter materials, and constantly challenge ourselves by expanding into new end-use areas. We believe in a future beyond fossils.


Inspired by the limitless opportunities of bioeconomy

The bioeconomy offers new opportunities for value creation and business growth for UPM. Thanks to our global capabilities, innovativeness and strong position in the forest biomass sourcing chain, we are in a unique position in all our businesses to advance a circular economy. At the same time, we see responsibility as a requirement for long-term value creation.

Delivering renewable and responsible solutions

Our products are made of renewable raw materials and they’re recyclable. We continue to replace fossil materials in various use-cases. UPM’s sustainable and safe solutions are already changing businesses and lives around the world.

Innovating for a future beyond fossils

The forest-based bioindustry is increasingly replacing fossil materials and fuels. Our innovations create value and business opportunities for an era when the world is no longer dependent on fossils.


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Industry leader in the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index





UPM Biofore – Beyond Fossils

As the leader of the bio-based forest industry we aim to provide solutions to the global challenges while at the same time creating value to our stakeholders. UPM is in a unique position to improve customers’ business and environmental performance and to reduce the world’s reliance on fossil-based materials.



UPM creates value by seizing the limitless potential of bioeconomy

New middle-class consumers in emerging economies and developing consumer behavior globally will create significant new demand in the coming decades. This will raise the bar for businesses when it comes to responsibility, integrity and use of resources. Answering the consumer demand growth with sustainable and safe solutions provides limitless opportunities, today and in the future.



UPM at Sijoitus - Invest fair: Jussi Pesonen

UPM's CEO Jussi Pesonen presented at the Sijoitus - Invest fair in 2018.



Our innovations stem from the forest

Well-maintained commercial forests act as a carbon sink to help mitigate the effects of climate change and provide renewable resources. We source raw material from sustainably-managed forests with legal logging operations, replant all harvested areas and uphold biodiversity.




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