Future beyond fossils is a key driver for UPM going forward


Our portfolio consists of businesses with strong long-term fundamentals for demand growth and high barriers to entry. Performance, growth, innovation and responsibility continue to be the cornerstones we build on. Creating shareholder value remains at the core of our strategy, and we believe that this also benefits other stakeholders and society in the long term.


UPM’s strategic focus areas

We create value by seizing the limitless potential of bioeconomy focusing on the following five strategic areas:



We aim for continuous improvement in our financial performance with right operating model and focusing on commercial excellence, performance culture, high-performing people, and the efficient use of assets and capital.


Focused growth projects and transformative projects for earnings growth. UPM is in a unique position to open new large markets by offering sustainable solutions to replace fossils.


Replacement of fossil materials with bio-based alternatives presents major opportunities for value creation. Developing products, services and processes is key to improving resource efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness.


Creating value for society – both as a company and through our renewable and responsible solutions – is an integral part of our strategy. The bioeconomy offers new opportunities for value creation and business growth.


Develop businesses with strong long-term fundamentals for demand growth and sustainable competitive advantage.



Spearheads for growth

UPM has three focus areas where it seeks significant growth in the coming years. Key factors for these spearheads are significant growth potential and UPM's competitive advantage based on deep knowhow and high barrier to entry.


High value fibre

Global consumer megatrends and the need to find more sustainable alternatives for fossil-based materials support demand growth for market pulp. UPM is building a new world-class pulp mill in Uruguay, near the town of Paso de los Toros.  The investment will raise our pulp production capacity by more than 50% and significantly contribute to future earnings.



Molecular bioproducts

UPM has been developing technologies to produce sustainable drop-in alternatives for fossil fuels and fossil-based chemicals. New large value creation opportunities may open by decarbonising traffic and providing consumers with more sustainable products.

UPM is entering the biochemicals business by investing in a biorefinery in Leuna, Germany. The biorefinery will produce a range of 100% wood-based biochemicals that enable a switch from fossil raw materials to sustainable alternatives in various consumer-driven end-uses. UPM Biofuels is exploring opportunities to scale up the business by studying a potential larger biorefinery in Finland, with a wider range of sustainable feedstocks.

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Specialty packaging materials

Global consumer megatrends are driving demand for sustainable and safe labelling and packaging solutions. Our strong position and innovations in these technically demanding and fast-growing niche segments of the packaging value chain provide attractive growth opportunities.

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