Public affairs


UPM public affairs advocacy aims at fostering favorable circumstances for investments and ensuring cost competitiveness as well as predictability for existing businesses. Regular communication with all stakeholders also helps us to seize opportunities for growth and new businesses.


A Future Beyond Fossils


As the world is hurrying to move beyond fossils we have taken charge. In all our businesses we are in a unique position to develop renewable and responsible solutions to reduce reliance on fossil-based materials. On the way to a world beoynd fossils both we and the global society succeeds by using resources responsibly, advancing climate friendly innovations and promoting sustainable sosioeconomic change.



Versatile dialogue on various levels


We are transparent in our dialogue and engagement with governments and regulators. Our identification number in the EU´s transparency register is 861194311863-31.

We are a member of various joint industry, sustainability and trade associations and networks. These memberships and active participation allows for a versatile dialogue with stakeholders at national, EU and international level.

A detailed list of these memberships can be found under Cooperation and memberships section.