Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

World's agenda for sustainable development

Guided by the United Nations, 193 member states globally agreed on an agenda to promote a more sustainable future in 2015. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address the global economic, social and environmental challenges we are facing, with an aim of leaving no-one behind by 2030. SDGs consist of 17 goals which are composed of 169 targets in total. Businesses play a crucial role in achieving the goals, and we truly must act if we want to reach the targets by 2030. Thus, we have identified the SDGs and targets where we as a company have the most negative impact and need to improve our actions, and those goals where we can contribute most positively and offer our expertise.



Our contribution

We chose our most relevant SDG targets based on where we can have the largest impact, either by minimising our negative impacts or by increasing the positive impacts. Additionally, we took into consideration the strategic connections between our current operations and the SDG targets. For example, UPM Code of Conduct and  UPM Supplier and Third Party Code support all the SDGs we are focusing on. We assessed possible business risks if the issues addressed by the SDGs are left unsolved and business opportunities for our products and services which support the SDGs.  We used the guideline from GRI & UN Global Compact to help us evaluate our contribution to the SDG targets.


The UN’s sustainable development goals motivate and encourage for collaboration

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