We support UN’s Sustainable Development Goals


World's agenda for sustainable development

The UN Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address the global economic, social and environmental challenges we are facing by 2030. SDGs consist of 17 goals which are composed of 169 targets.

Businesses play a crucial role in achieving the goals. It is important that every company identifies a true link between the impacts of their operations, products and solutions and the SDGs. More importantly companies need to set ambitious targets that contribute to the goals positively, either directly or indirectly.


Our commitment

We at UPM are committed to support the SDGs and have identified the goals and respective targets where we can have the biggest positive impact through our operations, products and solutions, or where we aim to minimise our negative impact. We put strong emphasis on strategic connections between our current operations and the SDG targets, and understand the business risks if the issues addressed by the SDGs are left unsolved. Sustainable and safe products play also a key role in our approach.

The GRI & UN Global Compact guideline helped us in our SDG evaluation.


Our focus goals


Tangible targets to support UN’s Sustainable Development Goals


Global Compact helps companies thrive responsibly


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