Sustainable alternative for fossil-based raw materials

Material producers are looking for an opportunity to further develop their environmental performance and reduce dependency on fossil-based materials.

Lignin is a natural substance found in all plants. It’s nature’s own glue due to its polymeric nature. This makes lignin an ideal alternative for various fossil-based raw materials in e.g. resins, adhesives and plastics.



Renewable feedstock for versatile applications

Lignin comes as a by-product of pulp production and has traditionally been burned for energy. However, its value potential is much more versatile and increases when further processed.

UPM offers various types of lignin in industrial quantities. Our tried and tested portfolio is tailor-made for specific end-uses, such as resins, adhesives, plastics and polyurethanes. As a non-toxic and sustainably sourced raw material, lignin is a perfect solution for numerous applications.



High-value product

As an abundant resource and a bio-based product, lignin promotes sustainability and low-carbon circular economy.

UPM BioPiva™ lignin is a sustainably produced, cost-effective and versatile raw material that has proven valuable in the creation of many value-added industrial applications.

Lignin is yet another example of UPM’s determination to promote successful business for a future beyond fossils.


UPM BioPiva™ lignin

  • A 100% bio-based substance

  • Sustainably sourced

  • Remarkably versatile uses

  • Improves product performance

  • Reduces environmental impacts

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