Nanocellulose hydrogel with vast uses in biomedical applications




Making the most of sustainable bioeconomy

All industries need to urgently look for renewable raw material sources to produce sustainable products and materials.

Renewable raw materials, such as wood, can even provide enhanced functionalities and advanced properties in novel applications.

UPM believes in utilising all wood fibres and production sidestreams, and therefore collaborates across industries to advance sustainable bioeconomy.



Natural products for biomedical applications

Pharmaceutical research requires raw materials that mimic the unique conditions in the human body.

Shifting focus away from animal-derived components, the industry is searching for new materials with unique benefits.

Researchers are on the quest for biocompatible, ethically sourced, sustainable materials from renewable resources.



Wood-based innovations for the biomedical sector

UPM has been active in biomedicals for many years and has already commercialized GrowDex® nanocellulose hydrogel for cell culture.

In cancer research, for example, the cells need an environment resembling that found in the human body, for this GrowDex has proven to be ideal.

Wood as a raw material in the biomedicals area has many attractive qualities and UPM is looking to expand its portfolio further.



  • Ready-to-use bio-friendly hydrogel

  • Biocompatible

  • Bridges the gap between in vivo and in vitro studies

  • Extracted from sustainably sourced and certified birch

  • Ideal for e.g. 3D cell culture of spheroids and organoids, for use in personalized and regenerative medicine, organ-on-a-chip models, drug release studies, 3D printing and much more

  • Non-animal origin