From label material production side stream to a new product

UPM ProFi® composite decking



Circular economy solutions in high demand

Sustainability has become a key driver in the labelling industry. Different players in the value chain are looking for novel, resource efficient circular economy solutions to improve their environmental performance. Dealing with label waste by landfilling and waste-to-energy are quickly becoming obsolete solutions.



From waste to a resource

RafCycle® recycling concept is UPM Raflatac’s innovative solution for recycling label waste from our own production, label converters and brand owners.

Label waste is perfect for composite products because it contains plastics as well as natural fibres. This makes composites durable and hard-wearing. And, after their long lifespan, they can still be recycled into raw material.



First industrial scale solution to deal with label waste

By producing new, innovative materials and products from waste, side streams and residues, we demonstrate how circular economy works in practice.

UPM ProFi® wood plastic composite is the first industrial scale solution to deal with label waste. In about a decade over 42,000 tonnes of label waste have been collected and recycled into this innovative biocomposite. UPM ProFi® decking is made mainly from recycled materials. For example, 1m2 of UPM ProFi® Deck helps get rid of 10kg of recycled label waste and captures 18kg of CO2. UPM ProFi® represents circular thinking at its purest, minimising landfill waste and prolonging the life cycle of materials.


UPM ProFi®

  • 100% recyclable biocomposite
  • Durable and stylish high-quality material for creating outdoor living spaces
  • 55-75 % recycled raw material from label material production side stream
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UPM RafCycle®

  • Label waste recycling concept

  • Promotes circular economy

  • Reduces environmental impact