Advanced nanocellulose dressing for natural wound healing




A more natural route to recovery

Recovering from major skin trauma is rarely a pleasant experience. The process can be tiresome -particularly if  a wound dressing delays the healing process.

Most dressings are made of synthetic materials and medical professionals need to frequently replace them, clean the wound and allow it to breathe. The dressing’s adhesive properties can sometimes tear the new skin during changing. Not only is this painful but it can open the wound up again. This prolongs the whole healing process and can worsen scarring.



A one-stop solution to a painful problem

UPM has collaborated with researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Helsinki, as well as with surgeons from the Helsinki Burn Centre, Department of Plastic Surgery at the Helsinki University Hospital, to develop an advanced wound dressing made from wood-based materials.

FibDex® is a one-time application dressing that provides an optimal moist environment for wound healing. Once applied, FibDex is left in place to allow the wound to heal on its own.

When the wound has sufficiently healed, the dressing peels away resulting in improved skin quality with less scarring. For patients, this means a faster and less painful recovery. For hospitals and nursing staff, much-needed time is freed up to go about their other tasks.



Natural healing with FibDex®

FibDex has CE approval, and it is available for hospitals and clinics in Europe. FibDex has undergone vigorous preclinical safety and efficacy tests followed by clinical trials for the treatment of skin graft  donor sites.

The product is based on nanocellulose derived from renewable and responsibly sourced Finnish birch. On top of the many benefits for patients and nursing staff, as a one-time application dressing FibDex means also significant reductions in material usage.


FibDex® wound dressing

  • Key component is nanocellulose derived from Finnish birch
  • Biocompatible with human cells and tissue
  • Comfortable, efficient and sustainable wound care solution
  • One-time dressing that peels away once healing has occurred
  • Suitable for treatment of skin graft donor sites
  • Developed in collaboration with top experts from Helsinki University and Helsinki University Hospital

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