In dialogue with the community


UPM is a global company with local impacts. We believe in engaging in an open dialogue with all our stakeholders, from customers to authorities – not forgetting our own people. Responsibility is embedded in our strategy and we aim to ensure that our partners, suppliers and the communities around us benefit from our actions and presence. Our Code of Conduct establishes the principles of responsible behaviour towards all our stakeholders.


Our global presence and growth in new business areas create many opportunities but also challenges for us. Focus on people is an integral part of everything we do as well as our contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We have set clear focus areas and targets for our work in social responsibility. They cover our respect to human rights across our businesses and value chain and provide a safe and rewarding working environment for our employees while contributing to the vitality of the communities around us.


Our 2030 targets in social responsibility

total-recordable-injury-frequency (TRIF)
absenteeism rate
among top 10 % companies
on employees' sense of belonging
employees with goal setting discussions and development plans

Our social agenda

Safety is our top priority. For us safety means implementing a preventive safety culture and ensuring a heathy working environment for our employees, contractors, partners, and suppliers. But it also means encouraging a healthy lifestyle and promoting a good work-life balance.

With integrity and inspiring, responsible leadership, we aim to motivate and support our people in their work. Promoting diversity and inclusiveness is also one of our focus areas. We believe it is important to pool the talent of people of various competences, backgrounds, genders, ages and nationalities.

Today’s stakeholders have high expectations. Being a global company with a significant local presence, we have financial and social impact on many communities.  We are committed to developing their vitality by inviting a free flow of dialogue, anticipating and managing the impacts of our operations, and contributing to the sustainable development of the communities around us.


Communities in Action: Working together for a greener future

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