​Compliance with laws and regulations

Complying with mandatory laws and regulations such as REACH or certification of food or toys is just the start for us. We offer our paper customers a tool called the UPM Product Safety Profile that provides one-step access to a concise summary of all relevant product safety information.



EU Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH) came into force in June 2007. REACH aims to promote sustainable development by improving the protection of human health and environment.

We meet all REACH requirements and welcomes REACH as a positive step in streamlining EU chemical legislation. Being mainly an end-user of chemicals, we have made sure that all our chemical suppliers are aware of the REACH requirements.

UPM Biofuels products and all chemical pulping by-products and intermediates are registered as required by REACH legislation.


Food contact and toy safety

When a product is used directly as a toy or comes in contact with food or a toy, there are strict regulations to be fulfilled. The precise regulations may differ geographically, but the best known and most widely referenced regulations are the FDA (FDA regulations, 21 CFR, parts 170–189, USA) and BfR (BfR recommendation no XXXVI, Germany) regulations, which set forth a tight testing framework for parameters such as the migration of chemical substances and heavy metal content.

All our products intended for contact with food or toys or for use as a raw material in the production of toys are carefully tested in independent accredited laboratories. The third-party-verified product safety level is one way to guarantee that our products used as packaging materials, particularly those used as food and toy packaging materials, meet all relevant demands and regulations on consumer and food safety. Product-specific food contact and/or toy certificates are available upon request.

Also check our Certificate Finder.


Biodegradability and compostability

All UPM pulp and paper products are naturally biodegradable and disintegrate in composting facilities. Certain fine, label and packaging paper grades have been tested and affirmed to be biodegradable and compostable under standard EN 13432. More information is available from UPM’s customer service teams. 


Product Safety Profile for paper products

We offer our paper customers a unique tool called the UPM Product Safety Profile, which provide on-step access to a concise summary of all relevant product safety information into one, concise form UPM Product Safety Profiles offer detailed information on the safety of our paper products, our management systems, and certificates related to product safety issues. Product Safety Profiles are available for each paper machine line. The profiles are available on request from UPM’s customer service teams and through UPM’s Certificate Finder.