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Building digital future at ADIC 2016

Iina Koukku

UPM Communications

We at UPM believe that external collaboration and co-creation is the way to increase agility and create new opportunities, which are essential to our business. This is one reason behind why we decided to participate in ADIC16 (Accenture Digital Innovation Challenge), organized by Accenture. UPM’s Zero Solid Waste initiative develops smart and sustainable solutions, in which excess materials circulate and generate value. Our goal in participation ADIC16 was to find real innovations, concepts and solutions to help us reach the Zero Solid Waste to landfill 2030 goal. Students have valuable knowledge and experience of the digital applications that could help us make our waste into raw material.


The event started officially on Saturday 29 October as Case Day, where all seven partner companies and 120 students came together at Telakka, Helsinki. We challenged the students to view forest from a new perspective and bring out-of-the-box thinking. During Case Day, we met many talented and innovative students who were pushed to their limits in the workshops. At the end of the day each team pitched their idea and one team from each partner company was selected to continue to the month long coaching period and the finals at Slush. Unfortunately only one team had to be chosen, even though all UPM’s teams were great!

adic-patches-890x501 The enthusiastic Accenture team welcomed all to Case Day.

adic-workshop-materials-890x501 Materials to make ideas fly!

adic-workshop1-890x501 We need students’ innovative ideas to co-create solutions that help us all. And we had plenty!

adic-coach-pekka-helpong-890x501 Coach Pekka Lähde having a discussion with team Loop.

adic-workshop2-890x501 In UPMhack the students innovated, how we could together create new uses to our waste and build cleaner world tomorrow.

upm-team1-890x501 Our goal in participation was to find real innovations, concepts and solutions. Our teams worked hard to provide us these.

adic-upm-team2-890x501 Coach Jaakko Avikainen was excited to meet all teams at UPMhack. The dialogue enables the students to share their fresh ideas that can help us develop.

adic-upm-pitches-890x501 Pitching round 1. All teams pitched their idea to the jury of UPM coaches.

adic-esa-on-stage-890x501 Spokesman Esa Laurinsilta presents our winning team.

adic-upm-team-pitch-890x501 The winning team pitching their concept on the main stage. Together we proceed to finetuning the concept during coaching period to be presented at Slush

Read more: www.upm.com/adic

Photos: Iina Koukku (UPM) and Aki Rask. The writer started as a summer worker at UPM and continues working among innovation events for the autumn. She is excited to be part of the UPMhack team where she has diverse tasks and gets to work with inspiring people.


Iina Koukku

Iina Koukku

UPM Communications |