Story | 07/07/2015 08:00:00

Vida Silvestre promotes biodiversity in Uruguay

“Our work aims to preserve nature and the diversity of ecosystems and species, by working together with different groups in society,” declares Oscar Blumetto, President of Vida Silvestre, discussing the objectives of the organisation.

Vida Silvestre and UPM’s plantation forestry company Forestal Oriental have entered into a three-year co-operation project on the conservation of the environment. This is the first time a forestry company and an NGO have established such a partnership in Uruguay.

The main purpose of the co-operation is to contribute to the sustainable development of natural resources in the long term. UPM and Vida Silvestre are also looking for partnerships with other public or private stakeholders to facilitate more efficient management of biodiversity.

“We very much appreciate UPM’s recent initiative to create and protect native species in conservation areas that are found in the company’s eucalyptus plantations in Uruguay. We are participating in this process by assisting UPM in selecting these areas before plantations are created,” adds Blumetto.