President and CEO

On the verge of something big


Jussi Pesonen is the President and Chief Executive Officer of UPM-Kymmene Corporation since January 2004. He was also a member of the company’s Board of Directors from 2007 until 2020.


Jussi Pesonen was born in 1960 and holds a master’s degree in process technology from Oulu University, Finland. He joined UPM in 1987 as a production engineer and worked in Jämsänkoski, Kajaani, Kaukaa and Shotton mills. He advanced rapidly into leading management positions in various paper business areas including Vice President of the Newsprint Product Group and Chief Operative Officer of the Paper Divisions. He also served as Deputy to the President and CEO in 2001–2004.

Under Jussi Pesonen’s leadership, the company has taken strong and decisive measures to reposition itself for the challenges of the new business environment facing forest product companies. This has meant launching major programs for achieving higher levels of efficiency and productivity, expanding UPM’s operations outside its traditional European home market, and strengthening its position in self-adhesive labels, pulp, energy related businesses, and biofuels including wood-based renewable diesel. He is now leading the company's transformation towards the future beyond fossils.

Jussi Pesonen is a Board member of the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI). Earlier, Mr Pesonen has chaired the Board of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FIFF) 2006–2008 and 2014–2017, the Board of Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company in 2012–2015, the Board of the Finland Chamber of Commerce and ICC Finland in 2017–2021 and co-chaired the Forest Solutions Group (FSG) in World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in 2014–2015.

The President and CEO’s duties and responsibilities are described in the section Executive management. The terms and conditions of the President and CEO’s executive contract and his remuneration are covered in the sections Management remuneration and Management ownership.