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In the fight against the pandemic, every action counts

Getting the newly developed Covid-19 vaccines from production to a patient’s arm requires careful cold chain management, in which reliable, high-performing label materials play an important role.

The vaccines developed to combat the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic have given us hope to get our life back to normal again. However, their delivery to patients has presented a myriad of challenges to cold chain management. The labels used on the vaccine vials and transport packages need to withstand ultra-deep-freeze temperatures in order to reliably deliver vital information about the vaccine and its transportation.

In Germany, AJK Etiketten, a printing company, is playing a crucial role in supporting the swift rollout of the vaccines. Having first delivered labeling and printing solutions for all the vaccination centers in Germany, the company was inquired about a high-performing cold chain labeling solution that would enable the tracing of Covid-19 vaccine transport packages.

UPM Raflatac has devoted decades of research and development for the requirements of the pharmaceutical and health care industries.

To deliver the right solution, the company last November teamed up with its label material supplier UPM Raflatac.

“The support we get has been fast and good, and always to the point. For the past years, we have had several projects together, and naturally, UPM Raflatac came right on top of the list for this project,” the company’s owner Andreas Jost tells.

Decades of research put to test in vaccine cold chain 

As one of the world’s leading producers of self-adhesive label materials, UPM Raflatac has devoted decades of research and development to engineer world-class label solutions for the requirements of the pharmaceutical and health care industries.

Pharmaceutical labels with full regulatory compliance

In AJK Etiketten’s case, the labels are required to withstand the harsh condition – down to -80°C in storage – during the transportation and distribution process and continue to stay in place when they are transferred into ultra-cold freezers at health clinics until final use. The label materials need to adhere well even to moist and cold surfaces, ensure legible printing, and remain securely intact after harsh storage and handling, without absorbing moisture or tearing.

With the technical expertise, global pre-tested label material range, and change management control to ensure long-term availability, UPM Raflatac was able to act swiftly and assist AJK in providing the right labeling solutions to match the demanding needs.   

Andreas Jost, Leander Klein and Michael Rohmann from AJK Etiketten.

“We decided together with AJK to go for a label adhesive that is specially designed for the intended application conditions to make sure that the material will withstand the required temperature, with the swift rollout we need to operate with lowest risk strategy”, Mihaela Kreh, Sales Manager at UPM Raflatac in Germany, explains.

When the whole world is eager to unwind the Covid-19 pandemic, the supply must be quick and dependable. “UPM Raflatac’s delivery time was exceptionally quick. With a partner like them there is real potential for us to play a bigger role in the market, both for the proven cold chain labeling solution and the vaccine labeling – a winning combination for all parties involved,” Andreas Jost concludes.

Read the case study to learn more about the cooperation:

AJK Etiketten: Delivering  true ultra-deep-freeze solution for vaccine and cold chain labeling needs


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