Digitalisation as a tool for transformation


Digitalisation continuously creates new opportunities for UPM to explore new technologies, applications and robotics to gain newly optimised outcomes for competitive advantage. In addition to process automation and industrial robots, which have long been used at production facilities, tools for analytics, optimisation, forecasting and more agile decision-making are being created.

Digitalisation, extensive use of existing and new data and industrial internet solutions are already in use in processes in the mills; however, in the future digitalisation will increasingly be visible in customer fronted processes such as supply chain, sales and quality monitoring.

Visual and user friendly mobile applications for customers, suppliers and personnel are being developed. UPM has been very active at various innovation events and in searching for partners. As a result, an extensive co-operation network has been established to pilot and scale up new digital possibilities in industrial processes, customer interfaces, the supply chain and administrative work.

A good example is UPM’s new eOrder service for paper ordering, launched in 2017. The service developed for UPM ProFi, a biocomposite material for decking materials, helps managing the certified installer base by combining online marketing and training, extranet services and the customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

The UPM Metsäni (My Forest) application provides forest owners with a mobile service that gives them an estimation of the distribution, volume and age structure of their forests in a matter of seconds as well as allowing them to estimate the value of the forest in euros. The aim is to engage private forest owners and therefore increase wood trade.