Changes in UPM ERP systems


UPM ERP systems will change in Finnish Pulp Mills, Finance Operations and Head Office purchasing operations on 1 January 2021. Purchasing operations in other UPM business areas are not affected at this stage.


Our current systems will be replaced by more modern ERP systems. In the future, the new systems will enable everyone to have better digital tools.

The impacts of the changes for different supplier groups will be communicated during December 2020.

If necessary, you can also send a question to supplier.support@upm.com. The email is valid until end of January 2021. Preferred communication language is English.

The main changes are:

  • In head office purchases, we will introduce the SAP Ariba tool. Suppliers will be asked to register separately in the system when the matter is topical.
  • New SAP ERP system will be implemented in Finnish Pulp Mills.
  • In the invoice processing system, the Pulp Administration billing address will change. The rest of the billing addresses remain unchanged:
    • Group Head Office: 00371041090011144
    • R&D Research Center: 00371041090011901
    • Logistics Sourcing: 00371041090011244
    • Pulp Administration: 003710410900582 (New!)
    • Kaukas Pulp Mill: 0037104109001006
    • Kymi Pulp Mill: 00371041090011116
    • Jakobstad Pulp Mill: 0037104109001014
    • RaumaCell Pulp Mill: 0037104109001010

Changes in Pulp Mills:

  • Framework orders will be replaced with scheduling agreements during December and they will be valid starting from 1.1.2021.
  • December 2020 will be invoiced with old order numbers.
  • If your order number will be changed we will inform you the new one during December.
  • These changes will not have an effect on ordered items or the agreed pricing.

Critical dates

The change in the invoice processing system will suspend the payment of invoices between 30 December 2020 and 11 January 2021.  The first invoice payment date for year 2021 will be 12 January 2021.

Critical dates for Pulp Mills in the deliveries at the end of 2020:

RAPU- weight scaling system will be out of usage starting 31.12. from 15.00 and ending 1.1.2021 at 15.00. We kindly ask you to deliver all bulk- chemicals before or right after that period of time. We also ask you to deliver parcels in time before the last day of the year. 

Which doesn't change:

  • Business IDs of UPM companies
  • UPM contact persons
  • Use of contractor portal at UPM factories
  • UPM will continue to receive only e-invoices