UPM develops a truly wood based biocomposite material with up to 100 % renewable resources – utilising residues from pulp production, not compromising the food chain

Press Release 16.3.2020 13:00 EET

UPM has developed a new world-class biocomposite material which meets the highest sustainability requirements. The new material, called UPM Formi EcoAce, contains certified wood and cellulose fibers, as well as certified renewable PP polymers from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE™  solutions that are made using wood-based feedstock from UPM Biofuels production. The UPM BioVerno production is certified by both ISCC PLUS and RSB and the sustainability of the material has been verified accordingly.

The environmentally sound UPM Formi EcoAce is a drop-in solution: it can smoothly replace fossil-based solutions as it is identical in quality and performance to non-renewable alternatives. The biocomposite is almost 100% based on renewable resources, followed by ISCC certified mass balance principle. Every ton of UPM’s wood-based renewable BioVerno naphtha for plastics saves three tons of greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil naphtha.

Having multi-use material performance in its DNA, our EcoAce biocomposite reduces waste through less material consumption. The biocomposite is enhancing part lifetime, provided from bio-material that is based on renewable resources, utilizing residues from existing pulp production, says Ralf Ponicki, Director, UPM Formi business at UPM Biocomposites.

“Certified renewable polymers from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE™ solutions act as a bridge to enable the value chain to evolve from a linear to a circular economy. Our collaboration with UPM Formi is a good example of how this pioneering product can be implemented in various applications and can help to meet consumer demand for more sustainable products”, says Mark Vester, Circular Economy Leader at SABIC.

The processing of fibers, production of biobased polypropylene and compounding the biomaterials together in order to make high quality raw material to various end-uses, is a really demanding business exercise requiring high-tech and know-how. After successful pilots, we are now looking forward to start offering our new biocomposite to business partners around the world, says Ralf Ponicki.

Typical end-use applications for the new UPM Formi EcoAce biocomposite include uses in food contact, personal care and consumer goods, made by injection moulding or extrusion. Characterized by UPM Biocomposites materials, wood-look surface of UPM Formi EcoAce is warm and silky to the touch and can be produced in different colours, from light to dark shades. UPM Biocomposites has been awarded several certificates, including PEFC. UPM Formi grades are available with PEFC certification.

TRUCIRCLE is SABIC’s complete portfolio of solutions that span design for recyclability, mechanically recycled products, certified circular products from feedstock recycling of plastic waste streams and certified renewables products from bio-based feedstock.

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