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  • UPM Raflatac at Labelexpo Americas 2016: A perfect fit for a variety of applications - and the world of high fashion!

UPM Raflatac at Labelexpo Americas 2016: A perfect fit for a variety of applications - and the world of high fashion!

Press Release 25.8.2016 18:00 EEST

(UPM Raflatac, Mills River, NC, USA August 25, 2016 at 17:00 EET) - At this year's Labelexpo Americas, UPM Raflatac will be demonstrating how its latest product innovations are a perfect fit to help companies distinguish their brands. From new thin film products for food, craft beverage, wine and spirits containers; to tailored solutions for oil and industrial chemical, digital and personal care applications; to exciting developments in the paper labeling segments, UPM Raflatac truly offers something for everyone. And with a strong commitment to sustainability, converters and end-users will find the company is second to none. Find your inspiration; we have the solution.

New film solutions for a perfect fit in product decoration
As a complement to the company's existing high-performance clear and white film products for rigid and conformable containers - as well as adhesives tailored to specific end-uses - UPM Raflatac is excited to welcome new PP and PET options to its metalized and foil product family. With their bright, shiny appearance, these materials are the perfect canvas for graphics that "pop" - and offer the ultimate experience in product decoration and shelf appeal. Whether they are metalized on top of the face sheet (PP Chrome TC) or underneath the face sheet (PET and PP Metalized Silver), each of these products provides excellent ink reception and performance for personal care, beverage and food packaging applications.

Introducing VANISH(TM) 120 - Invisible still never looked so good
UPM Raflatac's new VANISH(TM) 120 products are constructed with a thin 1.2 mil PET face material that offers all of the benefits of VANISH(TM) 92 materials, but with increased stiffness for better dispensing on standard equipment. These thin, yet robust products provide the perfect canvas for innovative imagery previously considered unattainable by creative designers. Additionally, their dimensional stability, excellent ink reception and dispensing properties simultaneously allow manufacturers to embrace new productivity gains, reduce material and packaging costs and increase storage space.

A tailored fit for special applications
UPM Raflatac has also recently developed new solutions for special labeling applications, including a range of materials for industrial chemical containers as well as high-quality materials for the wine, spirits and craft beverage markets. When it comes to industrial chemical labeling, UPM Raflatac's label stock constructions are tested for enduring adhesion on specific surface types and in a range of environmental conditions. These products also support legislative compliance and stay functional throughout the life cycle of the labeled container.

The company's extensive range of label materials for the wine, spirits and craft beverage markets allow creative designers bring their most intricate, attractive designs to life. Whether companies are looking for coated, uncoated, textured, FSC® certified and metalized papers, or unique film options, UPM Raflatac's products are the perfect fit to help brand owners compete for premium space on crowded retail shelves.  

A perfect fit to enhance your paper product portfolio
From economical semi-gloss options, like 50# Raflacoat; to smoother print surfaces, like Raflasilk; to more premium and glossy options, like Raflacoat Premium and Cast Gloss, all of the products in UPM Raflatac's renewed prime papers portfolio offer excellent convertibility and printability - and help make text and images pop on a range of container options. In the VIP labeling segment, the company's products constructed with 1.7 WG thin paper liners allow converters to utilize larger rolls on-press, increase operational efficiency and send more labels with every shipment.

Sustainable by design - New APR-approved films featuring RW85C adhesive
The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) has recently recognized UPM Raflatac's 2.6 mil PP Pearlescent TC and 1.6 mil PP Clear TC label stocks constructed with RW85C wash-off adhesive as meeting or exceeding the APR Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Label for PET Bottles Critical Guidance Document requirements. Ideal for labeling PET bottles, these clear and white polypropylene product combinations can undergo common PET recycling processes without contaminating any of the PET flake by-products. During Labelexpo, UPM Raflatac will be featuring its 1.6 mil PP Clear TC products on promotional water bottles available at the company's booth.

Don't miss our "perfect fit" fashion show during Labelexpo!
As part of UPM Raflatac's presence at Labelexpo Americas, the company will be showcasing how its label materials are a perfect fit for the retail shelf - and the world of high fashion! Any attendees interested in catching the UPM Raflatac models strutting their stuff on the catwalk dressed in high-end fashion pieces constructed out of label stock materials are invited to stop by booth #729 on the following days and times:

  • Tuesday, September 13 - 2:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, September 14 - 10:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, September 15 - 10:00 a.m. 

We guarantee you won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind fashion show!

Turn your waste into a resource at Labelexpo Americas
Responsibly managing waste and keeping it from being landfilled is a challenge for the labeling industry. UPM Raflatac is partnering with Labelexpo Americas to provide a solution for exhibiting label converters to responsibly dispose of their label, matrix and liner waste and give it a new life in the form of energy. Attendees are invited to visit UPM Raflatac's waste collection feature area at Booth #1245, where they can find more information and talk to company experts.

"UPM Raflatac is a frontrunner in providing solutions for managing label waste, and we look forward to partnering with our customers and their end-users on our road towards 'zero waste to landfill' and promoting recycling," says Tyler Matusevich, Sustainability Specialist, UPM Raflatac. "We will collect their label waste and showcase it in our feature area. This will provide perspective that there are a lot of opportunities to utilize label waste as a resource to make new products or energy."

UPM Raflatac will be present at Booth #729, and the company's waste collection feature area will be located at Booth #1245.

Label Life - Make sustainable choices
As part of its holistic approach to sustainability, UPM Raflatac considers the whole life cycle of the label product. Label Life is the company's user-friendly tool designed to help label printers and end-users understand the life cycle impacts of different label stock products and get credible information on the environmental performance of their labels in terms of energy usage, water consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. This LCA tool covers every stage of the label's life cycle from raw material sourcing through to end of life.

Stop by Booth #729 to see the Label Life tool in action!

For more information about the company's products and services being featured at Labelexpo Americas, please visit http://go.upmraflatac.com/LE2016.
For further information, please contact:                   
Daryl Northcott, Director, Films & Specials Business, Americas, UPM Raflatac
tel. +1-828-301-7997, daryl.northcott@upmraflatac.com
Stacey MacNeil, Director, Paper Business, Americas, UPM Raflatac
tel. +1-828-279-6308, stacey.macneil@upmraflatac.com
Calintha Briggs, Senior Specialist, Marketing Communications, Americas, UPM Raflatac
tel. +1-828-275-7059, calintha.briggs@upmraflatac.com

About UPM Raflatac
UPM Raflatac is one of the world's leading producers of self-adhesive label materials. We supply high-quality paper and film label stock for consumer product and industrial labeling through a global network of factories, distribution terminals and sales offices. We employ around 2,900 people and made sales of USD 1.5 billion (EUR 1.4 billion) in 2015. UPM Raflatac is part of UPM - The Biofore Company. Our FSC CoC number is FSC®-C012530. Find out more at www.upmraflatac.com.

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