Front-running pharmaceutical labelling solutions at Pharmapack in Paris

Press Release 25.1.2016 9:00 EET

(UPM Raflatac, Tampere, 25 January 2016 at 9:00 EET) - UPM Raflatac's pharmaceutical labelling experts will be present at the Pharmapack drug delivery and packaging solutions exhibition at Paris Expo Porte De Versailles, 10 - 11 February 2016.

New products in UPM Raflatac's extended portfolio include the latest high-performance solutions for primary blood bag labelling, and a unique material for labelling sterilization wraps for surgical instruments in hospitals. The addition of a destructible, non-reusable label face adds a second layer of security to an anti-counterfeiting range for compliance with the Falsified Medicines Directive.

Blood bags, migration safety and low-temperature storage

Following an extensive, standards-compliant product development process, UPM Raflatac has produced a primary blood bag label stock range based on a unique adhesive - RP 32 PB. Developed and tested according to guidance from the ISO 3826 standard, RP 32 PB has high heat resistance and tolerates long-term storage in low-temperature environments. A choice of non-PVC label faces makes this range applicable for different market preferences.

Migration safety is important to recognize and analyse when drugs or medical content in liquid or gas form are stored in containers made from plastics such as LDPE, COC/COP, PP and, in the case of blood bag labelling, PVC. RP 31 Purus is the result of special development to produce a 'migration safe' adhesive with low-leachable characteristics. This adhesive performs well on small diameters and on a variety of substrates including PP and LDPE.

For low-temperature container storage requiring identification labelling with long-term reliability, the RP 80 LT and RP Cryo adhesives enable multiple freeze-thaw cycles. RP 80 LT is formulated for conditions down to -80 °C and is recommended for labelling laboratory vials, ampoules, test tubes, plates and storage boxes. RP Cryo is particularly recommended for labelling on cryogenic laboratory sample containers in liquid-nitrogen storage conditions as low as -150°C to -196°C.

Innovation, global support and stability of supply 

UPM Raflatac has also launched a range of pharmaceutical labelling materials which support compliance with the Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU) regarding packaging for prescription drugs and high-risk, over-the-counter medicines. Incorporating tamper verification features as described in the new EN 16679, these products help secure the supply chain from counterfeits. The RP 62 EU adhesive produces cardboard tear on tampered pharmaceutical product packs, and clear label films make these solutions compatible with existing pack designs. A new destructible label film, Pharmaclear PP Seal, adds a second layer of security by preventing re-use of the label.

Other innovations include a unique material based on the RP 3H adhesive for labelling sterilization wraps for autoclaved surgical instruments; unlike typical solutions, no additional tape is required to secure label adhesion. UPM Raflatac also supplies hanger labelling materials for suspending glass or plastic infusion containers, developed according to the International Standard Test DIN 58-369, ISO 15137, and a wide range of solutions for labelling small-diameter containers from 15 mm down to 7 mm. 

"UPM Raflatac labelling solutions follow pharmaceutically compliant development processes and meet the strictest regulatory requirements. These dedicated materials fulfil specific pharmaceutical, healthcare and laboratory needs, and are backed by our comprehensive support, established supply networks and worldwide presence," reminds Markku Pietarinen, Labelling Solutions Manager, Pharmaceutical labelling, UPM Raflatac EMEIA.

"We guarantee long-term stability of supply, and have change-management procedures in place including a three-year window to validate any product renewals. UPM Raflatac delivers everything label converters and end-users require for pharmaceutical standards of safety, performance and stability."

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Markku Pietarinen, Labelling Solutions Manager, Pharmaceutical labelling, UPM Raflatac EMEIA, tel. +358 2041 6143

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