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Biofore Concept Car continues to thrive — Grafia chose the car as this year's "Kultahuippu"

Press Release 21.4.2015 13:00 EEST
(UPM, Helsinki, 21 April 2015 at 12:30) — The Biofore Concept Car created by UPM and the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences has won the first prize in the innovative media category in Grafia's "Vuoden Huiput" (Best of the Year) competition. Grafia's "Vuoden Huiput" is the most significant marketing communications and design competition in Finland.
"The Biofore Concept Car has become a symbol of the changing bio and forestry industry. It is an example of creative, innovative and responsible use of new biomaterials that can replace non-renewable materials in many sectors, such as the automobile industry", says UPM Brand and Communications Vice President, Elisa Nilsson.
In their selection criteria, Grafia mentions, for instance, that the Biofore Concept Car is "a perfect example of how a Finnish company uses its knowledge in an innovative way to create a concrete and understandable product within a new area. This well-executed joint venture should serve as a case in point for everyone".
The unique concept car is a futuristic street-legal vehicle, with UPM's renewable biomaterials used in several parts of the car. The car was showcased in March last year at the Geneva International Motor Show and it has generated huge international interest.

"The success story enjoyed by Biofore would not have been possible without several people's input within UPM, the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Valve. I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this great project, which has certainly exceeded even our wildest expectations", Elisa Nilsson says cheerfully.
In March last year, ProCom chose the Biofore Concept Car as the Communications Campaign of the year. What's more, the video about the Biofore Concept Car was awarded the first prize at the Golden Hammer International Advertising Festival in Riga last June. The video won the Corporate PR category.

Following the Geneva Motor Show, the Biofore Concept Car has been requested to appear at several events all around the globe. Before the vehicle's return to Finland, it was on display at the UN's Palace of Nations in Geneva. The car has toured several events in Finland together with UPM, Metropolia and other partners.

In the Biofore Concept Car, the majority of parts traditionally made from plastic have been replaced with durable, high-quality biomaterials—UPM Formi and UPM Grada—and the vehicle runs on UPM's renewable wood-based diesel, UPM BioVerno.

"Renewable raw materials are an essential part of our Biofore strategy. UPM has a long history in refining wood fibre and our new operations are also based on using biomass in a sustainable and resource-efficient way", Elisa Nilsson explains.
Biomaterials can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as design and acoustic products, and in a variety of industrial and consumer products. A few examples include: Genelec's use of biocomposites to build speakers, while Tregren uses the same material to create kitchen gardens.

Watch the Biofore Concept Car video on YouTube.
Pictures of the Biofore Concept Car for media use.
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Grafia's "Vuoden Huiput" is the most significant marketing communications and design competition in Finland. The event takes place every year and it aims to improve the level of design, strengthen creativity and originality as well as develop designers' skills. The competition was held for the 35th time. http://www.vuodenhuiput.fi/fi-FI/vuoden-huiput-2014/