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  • Designers Tapio Anttila and Jesse Christian Perttula were awarded at UPM Grada Design Awards

Designers Tapio Anttila and Jesse Christian Perttula were awarded at UPM Grada Design Awards

Press Release 4.2.2014 16:00 EET

UPM Grada Design Awards on 30 January was the climax of the UPM Grada Best Pieces exhibition in Lahti Finland. In the event UPM awarded the designers displaying their works at the exhibition. Well-known Finnish designer, Tapio Anttila, received the prize for UPM Grada 2013 Designer and designer Jesse Christian Perttula was recognized in his category receiving the Young Designer 2013 award. UPM also offers the awarded designers an opportunity for a co-operation agreement. The total value of prizes and co-operation agreements are 10 000 euros.

Interior architect Tapio Anttila is experienced in working with UPM Grada material through many design projects. His ON chair product family made of UPM Grada was recently recognized with the valued Interior Innovation Award 2014. On top of the ON chairs, Tapio also displayed other innovative UPM Grada items in the exhibition - Mixhanger clothes-hanger, Bird Feeder Finland bird table and a light fixture prototype.

For Tapio the ecological value of UPM Grada material is as vital as the material formability. “When a piece of furniture is both usable and beautiful but also ecologically and ethically sound, it is truly functional”, describes Tapio his design principles.

Jesse Christian Perttula, awarded Young Designer 2013, designed the sculpture-like Moiré chair at his furniture design course at Aalto University. In Moiré chair new methods and limits of wood design were tested and made possible by UPM Grada.

“It was my personal target to design a piece from Grada that has not been possible to make from wood before”, describes Jesse. Moiré chair is sent to London Surface Design Show right after the UPM Grada best pieces exhibition.

“We can be proud of Finnish design. The co-operation with the designers and manufacturers has been excellent. I must say that I’m extremely pleased how Grada has broken through in the design community. This is a great foundation to build on this year and I’m looking forward to the Milan International Design and Furniture exhibition”, describes Mikko Tilli, Manager responsible of UPM Grada.

UPM has presented the crème de la crème of UPM Grada designs at Pro Puu Gallery in Lahti on Jan 7-31, 2014. The exhibition is based on both experienced designers’ and young talents’ pieces in which the UPM Grada material have been utilised in an innovative way.

For further information please contact:
Mikko Tilli, Manager, UPM Grada tel. +35840 674 3809

M Grada Design Awards awarded Jesse Christian Perttula (left) with his Moiré chair, and Tapio Anttila with his ON chair.

UPM Grada
is a new thermoformable wood material for the form pressing industry. Grada technology revitalises the forming of wood with heat and pressure and opens up new opportunities for designs not achievable with traditional methods. UPM Grada’s unique forming properties enable high quality and ecological designs which are also visually appealing. UPM Grada – Safe, Durable, Ecological www.upmgrada.com