New uprooting machine makes the cleaning of sapling stands more effective

Press Release 6.5.2013 10:30 EEST
UPM offers now mechanical uprooting also to private forest owners

(UPM, Valkeakoski, May 6, 2013 10:30 EET ) – UPM is the first user of a new uprooting method for the mechanical cleaning of sapling stands. The uprooter is a boom-mounted device fitted to a harvester. It uproots seedlings from the ground.

"Mechanical uprooting means removing coppice with the roots. It will reduce the number of new shoots, meaning that it often will no longer be necessary to make any pre-commercial thinning. At many sites, you may get straight from uprooting to first commercial thinning," explains Jyri Schildt, Chief of Forest Management at UPM Forest. 

We can carry out mechanical uprooting when the ground is not frozen. The working period from May to October is longer than the manual cleaning period between Midsummer and late August. As such, the uprooter lightens the workload during the busy Midsummer forestry season.

"UPM has developed this method for a long time, along with other active parties. We have carried out mechanical uprooting in company forests for almost a decade now. We have generated excellent results using this form of uprooting. As a result of this development, we are now able to offer this modern and cost-efficient method to private forest owners," says Jari Engström, Sales Manager at UPM Forest.

Mechanical uprooting has been developed and tested in North Karelia, the home of Pentin Paja, the company that manufactures the uprooters. Next summer, UPM will use three machines equipped with an uprooter in North Savonia, as well as around a dozen machines across the whole of Finland. The number of uprooters is expected to rapidly increase over the next few years.  

"Uprooting is highly recommended for seedling stands, both from a silvicultural viewpoint and a financial one. When done at the right time, uprooting is quick and the results are good. If uprooting is performed a couple of years too late, there will be growth losses, the work will be much slower and the costs will be higher," Jyri Schildt says.

UPM is a pioneer in mechanical forest management. Last year, in co-operation with Risutekniikka Ky, UPM introduced a new kind of planting machine, the first to include an automatic seedling feeder. Improving the productivity of mechanical forest management is based on automation, multi-tasking and multi-tree handling.

"Mechanical forest management offers the benefits of standardised quality and increased profitability. Furthermore, the additional devices allow the forest machines to be used all year round. Mechanical forest management is a view of the future. There will be fewer forest workers in the future, and many forest owners do not have the time or the skill to tend their forests themselves," Jyri Schildt explains.

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