Power station site commissions UPM Tilhill for ecological survey work

Archive 10.6.2011 18:00 EEST

​(UPM Tilhill, Gloucestershire, 10 June 2011) – Experts from UPM Tilhill’s specialist ecology team have completed a survey of a former nuclear power station on the banks of the Severn Estuary which shows that plant and animal life are thriving there.

UPM Tilhill was asked by the Berkeley Power Station owners to carry out the work in order to identify habitats that were of particular value or ecological sensitivity. As part of the work, an assessment of protected or notable species of flora and fauna was also carried out.

The survey was needed before the owners could consider further development of the site, parts of which are currently being used for offices.

Our ecologists checked for species including amphibians, badgers, bats, reptiles, water voles, wild birds and mammals such as rabbits and foxes. Peregrine Falcons and badgers, which are protected species, were identified as being present on the site as well as hundreds of types of plants and trees.

The Berkeley Power Station site is well-known for the wide range of other birds that have settled there, including the declining tree sparrow and the Black Redstart. During their survey, the UPM Tilhill ecologists recorded species such as Green Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Pied Wagtail, Wren and Goldfinch as well as many others.

UPM Tilhill ecologists Andrea Gannon and John Gallacher said: “The site owners are very keen to enhance the biodiversity of the site. To help with this, we were delighted to be called in to carry out this important survey of such an interesting site. Although we didn’t find many protected species, there is huge potential to create habitats for small mammals, grass snakes and slow worm. The Conigre Pill watercourse which runs along the edge of the site provides potential for water voles and reedbeds offer even more potential for birds, bats and reptiles.”

Landscaping work, including tree planting, has also been carried out by UPM Tilhill at the site. UPM Tilhill was employed to undertake the planting of trees to form a shelter belt to block the new intermediate waste store from public view. Fencing work, tree survey and maintenance works, as well as general ground maintenance works was also carried out. The tree survey identified more than 400 trees that required felling, coppicing or pollarding.

UPM Tilhill’s management of environmental issues is compliant with the ISO 14001 standard. It is the only forestry company in the UK to employ a team of ecologists to advise on environmental matters.

UPM Tilhill has been working on environmentally sensitive sites for many years, including Sites of Special Scientific Interest for English Nature, Countryside Council for Wales, and Scottish Natural Heritage.


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