UPM tests the Finnish FSC-standard in company forests

Archive 8.10.2010 0:00 EEST

(UPM, Helsinki, 8 October, 2010) - UPM has started testing the new Finnish FSC standard in company forests. With this testing the company wants to fully assess the costs and functionality of the indicators of the new Finnish FSC standard approved by the Finnish FSC association on 8 October, 2010. The testing covers the financial, ecological and social impacts of the indicators. FSC forest certification will be in the future also one of the forest service products offered by UPM to private forest owners.

Even if FSC is commonly in use in many countries, where forestry has an important role, in Finland there has been no such national standard which would have been widely used by forest owners. Forest industry, non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders in Finland have been long in dialogue to find common understanding regarding the national FSC standard. These discussions have been focussed on consolidating financially viable forestry, the environmental aspects and the rights of Sámi people. UPM has participated in these discussions actively as one of the forest industry representatives. All key environmental organisations have participated in this process.

The new national FSC standard to be applied in Finland will become effective only after it has been approved by the Board of Directors of international FSC, probably from the beginning of year 2011.

The results of UPM's own testing are expected to be ready by the end of this year. Based on the results UPM will decide whether it will apply for FSC certification in its own forests in Finland.

UPM has for years offered different nature services to forest owners, who want to emphasise the different values of their forest i.e. promote game stock landscape or nature values. FSC forest certification will be in the future also one of the forest service products offered by UPM to private forest owners.

UPM regards forest certification as an excellent tool to promote sustainable forestry in these circumstances that only 10% of world's forests are certified. UPM seeks to promote all credible forest certification schemes including international PEFC and FSC. All UPM forests are certified. In Finland this comes under PEFC certification and in the UK PEFC and FSC certification (UK Woodland Assurance Standard). In Uruguay UPM plantations are FSC certified. In the UK UPM has experience as the leader of the biggest FSC and PEFC certification group.

For more information please contact:
Mr Timo Lehesvirta, Environmental Director, Energy and Pulp Business Group, telephone +358 400 752 212

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