Green Gold TV programme awarded the Forest Act of the year

Archive 8.10.2010 0:00 EEST

The Association of Finnish Foresters and Nordea Bank have awarded the Finnish TV programme "Green Gold" as the Forest Act of the Year. TV channel MTV3, TV production company Intervisio and UPM, who are all involved in the making of the program, received the award today.

"The TV programme "Vihreä Kulta" has familiarized the viewers with subjects related to forests such as forest use and forestry in a versatile and practical manner. This can be seen in the subjects covered as well as in the experts who have appeared in the programme. The programme has in a short time managed to reach both forest owners and others interested in forest-related issues with its factual but entertaining approach," says Tuula Jusko, chairman for the Association of Finnish Foresters.

The purpose of the Forest Act of the Year, initiated by the Association of Finnish Foresters, is to annually award an open-minded and outstanding act which promotes forestry and knowledge on Finnish forests. The award was given for the first time in 1995.

"We highly appreciate this award as it is assessed by professionals", comments Aili Piironen, Director, Communications, Forest and Timber Business Area, UPM.

The fourth season episodes of “Green Gold” now airing take the viewers to forests and outside of forests when presenting the different products originating from forests. The programme also features celebrities, nature-related topics as well as different forest-related professions. The programme has its own Facebook pages and a web page dedicated to the programme, where viewers are encouraged with help of experts’ blogs to discuss topics presented in the programme.