UPM’s wooden design hotel to be built in Mikkeli this summer

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(UPM, Helsinki, 9 June 2010 at 11:00 EET) – UPM and the City of Mikkeli have agreed on building the winning entry of last years' wooden design competition organised by UPM in the Mikkelipuisto Park by the Lake Saimaa. The City of Mikkeli is planning to use the spectacular wooden concept hotel in connection with various media events, exhibitions and visits. Furthermore, the City of Mikkeli will be launching a wood construction programme that will focus on the promotion of wood construction and sustainable development in Mikkeli.

Last year, UPM arranged an open 24-hour design contest that resulted in the building of the WISA Wooden Design Hotel in Valkosaari in Helsinki’s South Harbour. The winning designer, Pieta-Linda Auttila, wanted to underline the endless expressive potential of one material and one shape. The hotel has received much attention in the international media as a unique building and a strong representative of Finnish design tradition.

The hotel will be built in Mikkelipuisto in June–July. The wooden hotel will be open to visitors during the Mikkelipuisto horticultural event on 8 September from 2 to 8 p.m. At other times, the hotel can be viewed from the outside and as a 3D model (available in 2011), as well as on the internet at www.wisa24.com, www.mikkelipuisto.fi).

For more information, please contact:
Mr Antti Ratia, Head of Communications, UPM Timber, tel. +358 20 414 7021
Ms Soile Kuitunen, Development Director, City of Mikkeli, tel. +358 44 794 2010
Ms Armi Salo-Oksa, Chairperson of the Board, Mikkelipuisto, +358 44 326 06011

Notes to the editor

UPM Timber produces sawn timber and further processed timber products for the building and construction industry and joinery. The annual production capacity is 2.3 million cubic metres of timber products. UPM Timber has 1,200 employees and 12 production units in Austria, Finland, France and Russia. UPM’s Finnish sawmills are located in Lappeenranta (Kaukas), Kajaani, Pietarsaari (Alholma), Korkeakoski and Pori (Seikku). In Finland, UPM Timber employs approximately 800 people.


WISA Wooden Design Hotel

The WISA Wooden Design Hotel is based on the winning proposal of the WISA 24h Wooden Design Workshop competition organised by UPM. It is a temporary building that stood in Valkosaari in Helsinki’s South Harbour until the end of September 2009. The building can accommodate a few people at a time. The interior space is approximately 30 m2, excluding the courtyard. The WISA Wooden Design Hotel has been built with respect for the environment. In summer 2010, the hotel will be built in the Mikkelipuisto Park in Mikkeli.



Mikkelipuisto Park is a horticultural tourist attraction near the centre of the City of Mikkeli. It was opened to visitors in 2007. Its total area is 42 hectares, of which the model garden covers 6 hectares. The Mikkelipuisto Association has rented 3 hectares of the area.

In the core of the park there are magnificent model gardens designed and built by companies and organisations. In May 2010, the number of companies and organisations involved in the model gardens and Mikkelipuisto Park totalled 87.

Mikkelipuisto Park is located by the Lake Saimaa, in the Kenkävero, Kaihunharju and Pursiala areas.
In 2009, the park had 40,000 visitors, as expected. In 2010, the park expects to receive 60,000 visitors, and once the area is complete, the expected number of visitors will be 200,000 per year. Visitors have free access to the park.


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