UPM-Kymmene's Haindl acquisition completed12.3 million new shares subscribed and to be listed

The transaction, in which UPM-Kymmene acquires G. Haindl'sche Papierfabriken KGaA and further sells two Haindl paper mills to Norske Skog, has today been completed. The acquired entity will be part of UPM-Kymmene Corporation as of 30 November, 2001.

The share issue finalized

UPM-Kymmene Corporation has also finalized the share issue of 12,300,000 new shares and applies for the listing of the new shares together with the old shares in the Helsinki Stock Exchange starting from 3 December, 2001. The new shares will carry the same rights as the old ones.

The total number of UPM-Kymmene shares will increase to 259,893,223 shares, of which the subscribed shares are 4.73 percent. The share capital will increase with EUR 20,910,000 to EUR 441,818,479.10. Increasing of share capital, decided by the Board of Directors on 25 September, 2001, is based on the authorization of the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 2 August, 2001. The increase of share capital enters into Trade Register on 30 November, 2001.

In the share issue, the new shares were subscribed by ten private shareholders of the Haindl company.

UPM-Kymmene Corporation has been granted permission by the Financial Supervision Authority on 21 June, 2001 not to publish an Offering Circular for the shares to be subscribed based on the above mentioned share issue.


UPM-Kymmene Corporation
Corporate Communications
30 November, 2001