Impact valuation

We assess our environmental, social and economic impacts and investigate how monetisation of the quantified impacts could improve understanding of their scale and allow comparison with financial information.

In 2021, we further developed our impact assessment in monetary terms. We looked at the different steps in the process, the choices that need to be made in terms of impact valuation objectives and the challenges in the calculation. We are also studying the potential benefits of the method and how it could be applied in decision-making.


Measuring and valuing impacts


In 2019, The Upright Project analysed the net impact of our operations on the society. The business impact analysis developed by The Upright Project is based on machine learning using data from scientific articles.


Artificial intelligence measures business impact


In 2017, we carried out a first pilot study on the monetary value of our key environmental and social impacts in selected areas. The study comprised qualitative and quantitative indicators and quantified impacts were monetised when possible and relevant. The methodologies used were the Social Capital Protocol and the Natural Capital Protocol of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The study included five evaluation cases: climate change, treated waste water, waste, citizen wellbeing and employee wellbeing.

Pilot study on impact valuation for UPM