Committed to community involvement

We strive to support the sustainable development of the societies where we operate. Building and maintaining good relations with and supporting the vitality of local communities close to our operations is essential for us and our business success. Being a global company with local impacts, we have significant financial and social impact on many communities.


In co-operation with communities

Our engagement with communities is founded on decades of close co-operation. In many cases, communities have grown around our operations over the years. We aim to be a good neighbour and a trusted partner to the people living close to our operations.

We are committed to maintaining an active dialogue with the communities around us. Understanding the impact that we have is an essential component of our business success. In many locations, we are a significant employer, taxpayer and partner to local entrepreneurs, making positive contributions to the local economy. We apply several precautionary measures to mitigate and remedy potential adverse environmental and social impacts on our surrounding communities.

  • Environmental Impact Assessments with regard to new investments
  • Human rights due diligence in our own operations and supply chain
  • Environmental Management Systems, such as ISO 14001 for production units
  • Sustainable forest management certification of our own forestry operations and suppliers
  • Restructuring processes planned in co-operation with local authorities


We create value as a company and through our products

We promote responsible practices throughout the value chain and actively seek sustainable solutions in co-operation with our customers, suppliers and partners. Creating value for society both as a company and through our products is an essential element of our Biofore strategy. 

Our activities and products have an impact on society as a whole. We constantly aim to better understand and communicate our added value. We disclose our direct and indirect value creation as part of our Annual Reporting.

In our extended pulp and paper mills’ EMAS statements (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), we strive to address our local societal impact as well as traditional environmental issues. As part of these reports, we provide verified concrete information on, for example, our contribution to employment, our tax revenue and purchasing power, and our co-operation with communities.